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Hand Showers & Brackets

  • Easy installation: select the optimum mounting height and secure the item to the wall with usual screws;
  • Choosing an appropriate form: there are no unnecessary things in art design, every detail should be in harmony with general thematic concept. For classic interior - rounded geometry, for modernist interior - angularity;
  • Choose the color: white, black, metallic – in accordance with the theme color of the faucet, shelves, racks, lighting, decorative elements;
  • Material of construction: it may be solid chrome-plated brass, absolutely safe, resistant to mechanical damage. The characteristic metallic luster will not be lost over the years due to the use of a special water-repellent coating. Water, dust and dirt do not stay on the surface. The nature prompted this technology: the effect of "fresh apple" is created. While washing an apple the water simply flows from its skin, leaving the fruit clean and dry. The second option is the holder for the shower made of highly durable plastic;
  • Adjustable models: one smooth motion and a shower head can be set at a right angle;
  • Durability: despite the location in a room with high humidity, a regular operation, the holder for the showerhead, even the most inexpensive model will serve at least a year. There are models that can serve up to 5 years, and it is only within the manufacturer's warranty. It is a commonly known fact, that the actual service life depends on the durability of the material, and this criterion is expressed here in the most convincing way.