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Handheld Shower Head Kits

Enhance your showering experience with our luxurious handheld shower head kit collection at HOUSE OF ENKI. Designed for elegance and superior functionality, our range of shower heads with hose suit any bathroom. These kits come with everything you need to get your new handheld shower up and running, including the shower head itself, the hose, and the bracket that attaches to your wall. Plus, they're great value - you get all of this for a fraction of the cost of a full new shower installation! Browse our range now.

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Discover Luxury with HOUSE OF ENKI Handheld Shower Heads With Hose

Step into a world where elegance meets functionality - the exclusive collection of HOUSE OF ENKI Handheld Shower Heads with Hoses.

Our handheld shower heads are meticulously crafted, blending modern technology with timeless design. From the moment you hold one, you'll feel the difference quality makes. The ergonomic design of our shower handsets ensures a comfortable grip, while the lightweight yet durable materials promise longevity and ease of use.

Designed to suit any bathroom, whether you have a modern shower or a traditional shower, our collection features a variety of styles. If you're drawn to the sleek, modern lines of a chrome finish or the classic elegance of brass, you'll find a shower head that complements your bathroom's aesthetic. Each model reflects our dedication to creating products that are not just functional but also enhance the beauty of your space.

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation and style with HOUSE OF ENKI – where luxury is within reach. Contact us today for more information

Why buy our handheld shower head kits?

Ideal for both renovations and new installations, our shower heads with hose offer both functionality and style. Embrace the blend of luxury and practicality with HOUSE OF ENKI.

  • Material Quality: Our shower heads are made from high-quality materials, like stainless steel and solid brass, ensuring longevity and sustained performance.
  • Design Variety: Choose from a range of styles including contemporary chrome, classic brass, and more, to match your bathroom’s aesthetic.
  • Functionality: Features such as easy-clean nozzles and adjustable spray patterns cater to individual preferences for a tailored shower experience.
  • Installation Ease: Designed for easy to fit, hassle-free installation, our shower kits are compatible with standard UK plumbing systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the shower hoses flexible?

Yes, our shower hoses are designed for flexibility and ease of movement, enhancing your shower experience.

2. Do the shower heads come with a warranty?

Absolutely, House of Enki provides a warranty on all our shower heads, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.

3. Is the installation process the same for all types of bathrooms?

Generally, yes. Our shower heads are compatible with standard UK plumbing systems. However, for unique bathroom setups, we recommend consulting a professional. Check out our guide: How to Install a Shower Head Holder for expert tips!

4. How do I maintain the finish on the shower heads?

Simple! Just clean regularly with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals to preserve the elegant finish.

5. Are these shower heads suitable for low water pressure systems?

Many of our models are designed to work efficiently even in low water pressure situations. Check the product specifications for more details.