Today, designers recommend departing from the usual kitchen design standards and completely abandoning the use of hanging cabinets. We will discuss the appropriateness of this decision later, by presenting some illustrative examples to you.

One-tier kitchen: all advantages

  • Illusion of spaciousness

Rejection of the wall kitchen cabinets can actually be quite justified in case when the size of the room is so small that it is not convenient for even two people to be in it. Also, the ceilings seem higher without the hanging cabinets, there is more lighting from the windows and the kitchen is visually perceived as lighter and more spacious room.

  • Remarkable purity

A significant advantage of the kitchen without upper tier is that a hostess will not have to clean the sticky taint and dust that constantly settles on all the surfaces of the upper cabinets, and even the hood may not always cope with keeping the room clean enough for a long time.

It is enough to clean free walls with a damp cloth from time to time, and all the amount of tableware and kitchen accessories can be placed in the base cabinets

  • Convenience

Perhaps, many of you have faced with the fact that it is not always easy to get the right thing from the upper shelves of the hanging cabinets, especially if you are not tall enough or you are busy with preparation of several dishes simultaneously.

If this is relevant to you, try to opt for the one-tier furniture during the renovation or arrangement of the kitchen in a new apartment. The space above is better to be supplemented by various light fixtures, so it will be more comfortable to work in the kitchen.

  • A different scenario

The kitchen that lacks wall cabinets can become quite original and unique by means of spectacular tiling, coloration or decorative panels of metal or weatherboard.

You do not have to accentuate all walls completely, as you can confine yourself only to the area above the lower tier of kitchen cabinets. The surface of the walls can be decorated with tiles laid in the form of contrasting pattern or you may simply select some embossed fragments of irregular shape. Also, the simple dying of the walls with pastel shade or pure bright color will look laconic and stylish.

  • A worthy alternative

For those who cannot imagine a kitchen without usual, but not always relevant wall cabinets, we recommend to replace them with shelves and hanging whatnots. You can place beautiful tableware, containers for tea or coffee, some items of decor on them, yet the lightness and spaciousness in the room will remain.

  • New opportunities

When deciding to arrange the kitchen according to the current trend of the refusal from the upper tier, you will get the opportunity to design the interior in a different way, catchy and fancy. You can hang large paintings on the walls, or decorate them with the themed objects, use the entire wall hung collections or collages of photos.

In this way, the room will turn from the ordinary kitchen into an unforgettable place with its own character due to one bold decision.