Toilet bowls are something hardly noticeable but is indispensable. Hardly any of them ever break; more often they simply become outdated. Some of the owners want to change their style, some - colour, and for some it is easier to buy a new one than to clean the old.

Materials of which toilets are made have changed little in recent years; they are mostly made of porcelain and faience, less common are an artificial stone and stainless steel. However, their quality has improved including the dirt-repellant qualities that significantly improve the appearance of the sanitary ware (not at the time of sale, but during the use). Moreover, designers and engineers have worked hard on improving the modern "chamber pots".

Japan is a leading country in the field of sanitary engineering innovations. In comparison with Japan Europe is much more conservative.

Even if not considering units with built-in laboratories that are issuing analysis as results of owner’s visit, the average Japanese person feels a lot more comfortable than we are. Imagine a toilet with bidet function, heated seats, several modes of water pressure, hair dryer, air cleaning, flushing on photocells and moreover with self-cleaning system!