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Vision non concussive basin single pillar tap with flow regulator

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  • Solid brass construction, durable chrome finish
  • Minimum 0.2 bar water pressure, 0.5 bar recommended for best performance
  • Easy and safe to use - self-closing non concussive brass valve. Pre-set automatic shut off after approximately 10 seconds. Popular in public settings or at private homes. Helps prevent overflowing and is water efficient
  • Included in the box - single pillar tap. Inlet connection size 1/2 inch. Includes plastic backnut, washer, hot and cold indicators and water flow regulator
  • 10 Year Guarantee

The Vision non concussive basin tap is designed and manufactured from the highest quality. The Non Concussive taps are operated by simply pushing the tap and water is dispensed. For a more controlled water use, this timer tap turns off automatically after a set period of time, which not only reduces the risk of people leaving the tap on and flooding an area, but can be extremely cost effective as well. This style of tap can be used in a domestic system but is most commonly found in public/commercial settings.


For this tap to operate efficiently your water system will need to produce at least 0.2 bar of pressure, though we recommend 0.5 bar for best performance.
This can be achieved if you have one of the following:

  • Combination boiler systems
  • Gravity fed systems
  • Megaflow system
  • Pumped hot water systems
  • Un-vented hot water systems
  • Standard pressurised hot water cylinder type systems


  • Height approximately - 100 mm
  • Spout projection approximately - 70 mm
  • Tap hole diameter required approximately: 22 mm
  • Inlet: 1/2 inch


  • Comes complete with all fittings to be installed straight out of the box
  • Basin tap
  • Fitting kit
  • Spare hot and cold indicators
  • Optional flow regulator
  • Installation guide