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Best Mixer Shower Models: Ultimate Buyer's Guide

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If you're planning to renovate your bathroom or just looking to upgrade your shower, choosing the right mixer shower can significantly enhance your daily routine.

In this guide, we'll uncover the best mixer shower models available from HOUSE OF ENKI, along with all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you're after cutting-edge technology or classic styling, our guide will help you find your perfect shower.

5 Best Mixer Showers

Choosing the right mixer shower can upgrade your daily routine, ensuring a consistent water temperature and a more pleasant shower experience. 

Whether you're after something with a sleek design or focused on practical functionality, there are options to fit every bathroom style and budget.

1. Trafalgar Traditional Thermostatic Shower Set

  • Design & Build: The Trafalgar Shower Set features an elegant antique bronze finish, adding a touch of traditional charm to any bathroom. The angled riser and watercan head are designed for maximum coverage, ensuring a luxurious shower experience.

  • Features: This model comes with a thermostatic control, maintaining your desired shower temperature and preventing heat fluctuations.

  • Best For: Ideal for those who appreciate classic designs with modern functionality, making it a standout feature in heritage-style bathrooms.

2. Dune Thermostatic Bar Bath Shower Mixer Valve

  • Design & Build: The Dune Thermostatic Mixer Shower in chrome is sleek and modern, featuring a minimalist bar valve that adds a contemporary touch to your space.

  • Features: It includes a dual rigid riser kit, an overhead rain shower, and a handheld option, offering versatility for all your bathing needs.

  • Best For: Perfect for modern bathrooms looking for a spa-like experience with the convenience of multiple showering options.

3. Regent Traditional Crosshead and White Lever Concealed Thermostatic Shower Set

  • Design & Build: Featuring an antique bronze finish with stylish crosshead and white lever controls, the Regent Shower Set offers a concealed setup that keeps pipe work hidden, enhancing your bathroom’s aesthetic.

  • Features: This two-outlet shower set includes a twin valve, a fixed wall shower head, and a handshower kit, offering both luxury and functionality.

  • Best For: Those who desire a seamless look with traditional touches that don’t compromise on modern showering technology.

4. Downton Exposed Traditional Thermostatic Shower Set

  • Design & Build: The Downton Exposed Shower Set has a classic look with its antique bronze and white finish, featuring ceramic details that enhance its traditional design.

  • Features: This model has a triple shower valve, rigid riser rail, a large 200mm shower head, and a ceramic handset, ensuring a comprehensive, controlled showering experience.

  • Best For: A great option for those who love vintage aesthetics but want the reliability and control of contemporary shower mechanics.

5. Dune Thermostatic Bar Bath Shower Mixer Valve

  • Design & Build: Complete with a large 200mm overhead shower, the Dune Thermostatic Bar Bath Shower Mixer Valve provides an enveloping rain shower experience, all while maintaining a sleek, modern look.

  • Features: Thermostatic control, dual showering options, and a stylish matte black finish make this an excellent choice for those who value comfort and style.

  • Best For: Ideal for anyone looking to combine minimalist bathroom design with maximum functionality and comfort.

Understanding Different Types of Mixer Shower Valves

Mixer showers blend hot and cold water to your desired temperature before it reaches the shower head, offering a seamless blend of comfort and control. 

Unlike electric showers, which require a heating element, mixer showers use pre-heated water from your heating system, which can offer a stronger flow and a more consistent temperature.

They come in two main types: thermostatic and manual. Thermostatic models maintain a constant temperature even when water is used elsewhere in the house, preventing scalding, while manual mixers are less complex but require you to adjust the temperature if any changes occur in water supply.

Bar Mixer Showers

Bar mixer valves are sleek and contemporary, featuring a compact bar shower valve that mounts on the wall. 

These mixers connect directly to your hot and cold water supplies and typically come with a wall-mounted shower head or a handheld attachment .

Their straightforward design makes them accessible and stylish, perfect for modern bathrooms. 

Many users appreciate the simplicity of temperature and flow control, which is managed via the bar's easy-to-adjust levers or dials.

Concealed Mixer Showers

For those who prefer a clean and uncluttered bathroom aesthetic, concealed mixer valves offer an excellent solution. 

Only the control levers and the shower head are visible, as the pipework and valve are hidden behind the wall.

This type not only enhances the visual appeal of your bathroom but also allows for more creative freedom in the placement of the shower controls and head. 

Concealed shower valves are ideal for minimalist designs and can be tailored to match any bathroom décor.

Exposed Mixer Showers

Exposed showers feature all components mounted on the outside of the wall, including the pipes and valves. 

This style is often chosen for its classic look and easier installation process, as it doesn’t require major bathroom wall alterations. 

Exposed shower valves blend functionality with tradition, making them suitable for vintage or rustic bathroom themes. 

They are also easier to repair or replace due to their accessible components.

Dual-Control Mixer Showers

Offering distinct controls for flow and temperature, dual-control showers provide a high level of precision in customising your shower experience. 

These mixers allow users to set a preferred temperature and then adjust the water flow separately without affecting the heat setting. 

This feature is particularly valuable in households with different preferences, ensuring every user can easily find their ideal settings.

Thermostatic Mixer Showers

Thermostatic showers are equipped with a built-in thermostat that maintains the water temperature within a degree or two of your chosen setting.

Even if someone uses water elsewhere in the house, the temperature of your shower remains constant thanks to the thermostatic valve, protecting against sudden changes. 

This feature makes a thermostatic mixer shower a must-have for families with young children or elderly members, as it ensures safety and comfort.

Mixer Shower Buying Guide

When selecting the best mixer shower, it's important to consider water pressure, compatibility with your home's water system, and design preferences.

Consider Your Water System

Before choosing a mixer shower, consider the type of water system you have at home, as this can impact the shower's performance.

  • Gravity-Fed System: A system with a cold water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder elsewhere. A booster pump may be required for certain showers to work efficiently with gravity-fed tanks.

  • Combi Boiler: Heats water on demand and doesn't use a cylinder or tanks.

  • Unvented System: Uses a pressurised hot water cylinder and doesn't require a cold water tank.

Evaluating the existing water pressure in your home is also important, as it will determine the type of mixer shower that best fits your needs.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

While some DIY-savvy individuals might manage installation, professional fitting is advised to ensure optimal performance and avoid damage. 

Look for showers with easy-clean features and anti-limescale technology to prolong the life and performance of your shower.

Choosing Your Finish

When selecting a finish, consider the overall colour scheme and style of your bathroom. A well-chosen finish can enhance the aesthetic coherence of your space.

  • Chrome: A popular choice for mixer showers due to its sleek, mirror-like shine that fits seamlessly into almost any bathroom décor. It's highly durable, easy to clean, and resistant to tarnish and corrosion. Whether your bathroom features a contemporary or traditional design, a chrome finish can add a touch of sophistication and brightness.

  • Brushed Nickel: An alternative to the high gloss of chrome. It offers a warm, matte finish that is great at hiding fingerprints and water spots, making it a practical choice for busy bathrooms. This finish blends well with stainless steel fixtures and is perfect for achieving a modern, understated style.

  • Antique Bronze: Ideal for adding a rich, dark, and rustic touch to your bathroom. This finish provides a unique finish that gives it a bespoke feel. It’s perfect for vintage or traditional bathroom themes, and is known for its ability to mask smudges and water spots.

  • Matte Black: This finish has gained popularity for its bold and dramatic appeal. It makes a striking statement and can serve as a focal point in your bathroom. Matte black is versatile enough to complement both minimalist and elaborate design schemes and is particularly effective at showing off the sleek lines of modern mixer shower designs.

  • Gold: Often chosen for high-end bathroom designs. Available in polished or brushed varieties, gold finishes can add a sense of warmth and opulence to any space. This finish pairs beautifully with dark tiles or marble, creating an elegant and timeless look.

Upgrade Your Shower Experience with HOUSE OF ENKI

Selecting the right mixer shower is more than just a practical decision—it's about transforming your daily routine into a luxurious experience. 

With our comprehensive guide and the curated selection at HOUSE OF ENKI, you are well-equipped to choose a mixer shower that not only meets your needs but also enhances your bathroom's aesthetic and comfort.

Contact us today; whether you need advice, have questions, or are ready to purchase, our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way. Explore our exclusive range of shower sets at HOUSE OF ENKI now!

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