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 Buying a shower stand from the Wasser plumbing store

 A Shower stand is an important component of every bathroom. How convenient it is to use and how many features it has which are useful will depend on the right choice from the very outset.

 When installing these items, you need to choose a position where the shower stand is in the right position in relation to the mixer tap, does not interfere with access to taps and the mixer controller, while taking into account the height of all the members of the family.

 The jets from the shower, as fixed to or held by the shower stand should fall approximately to the middle of the length of the bath. The main points that you need to look for when buying a shower stand are:

  •  the type of material from which it is made
  • the height of the stand and the method of fixing
  • The number of positions for the shower head
  • availability of special shelves for soap and other toiletries.

 When you buy a separate shower and shower stand, you must make sure they are compatible. The shower head will need to be firmly fixed to the shower stand to avoid it jumping down when there’s strong water pressure. Also make sure that the shower hose is long enough.