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Shower stands

It goes without saying that the best materials for the manufacture of shower stands are considered to be plastic and metal. Almost every company has its own materials science laboratory. They invent and improve manufacturing technology for the materials for plumbing and bathrooms. A couple of the key points arising are:
• If it’s plastic, then snow-white PVC with high strength parameters is absolutely safe for health;
• If it’s metal, then high-tech alloys of brass and chrome will always display durability, beauty, ease of care, a special water-repellent coating, proven testing for strength, and the proven nonsusceptibility to damage of the raw materials.
What is the difference? In price: if you need a budget option ten buy a shower stand made of plastic. If you want style, extravagance, and a contemporary blend of bright metal with acrylics, tiles, and mirrors, then only metal.

The length of shower stands

The criterion that allows us to speak about the universality of the models. For rooms with lower ceilings we can choose the option of 600 mm in height, while for higher-ceilinged rooms a metre or more. The convenience is in the ability to adjust the height, so we need a stand that is convenient for both children and parents.
Built-in features
If what is needed is solely a shower stand then you can choose a model without additional options, for example, BOSSINI D74000F. Do you want to have within reach soap and other bathroom accessories? Then go for a version with a multifunctional shelf and holders, for example, the MIXXEN MXAT0140
All you have to do is add your chosen product to your cart or contact our consultant for details.