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Shower Hoses

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2 Item(s)

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What should you look for when choosing a good, high-quality hose for your shower? 

Right at the outset, your choice should depend on the length you need. Today’s shower hoses are manufactured tolengths from 1.2 to 2 metres. Logically, it is probably better to buy a longer hose so that it will last much longer, and will cause problems in use.

Then we should move on to selecting the manufacturer. Remember that the more well-known a plumbing products company is, then the  more likely it is to genuinely make quality products. 

Relying on a particular manufacturer is also necessary for another reason. The fact is that there are several specific features of production that should make you look closely at the use you yourself need.

 For example, Hungarian and European manufacturing companies produce predominantly shower hoses made of rubber, covering them on the surface with special protective and flexible metal sheaths. Of course, these hoses have their advantages; they will never bend too far, but there are also drawbacks, chief among which is the potential unwinding of the protective layer; if the hose sheath begins to unwind, this process can not be stopped.