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Shower Connectors

3 Item(s)

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3 Item(s)

per page

  •  Threaded Adapters, adapters with a tap, adapter with clutch, in many countries the most popular size for adapters is 3/4 inch, in a range of types
     threaded adapters are also available in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4",and 1" sizes
  • Threadless converter - adapter 11 to 16mm. adapter with butterfly screw 12 by 18mm, one inch threadless adapter 
  • Adapters with 2 and 5 outputs and taps, threaded axle-boxes with BSP (gas standard) thread 20-27 мм
  • Quick connectors for hosepipes – open and with AQUASTOP water shut-off feature to stop the flow of water when you change the pistol nozzle, or the stationary or rotating sprinkler - of all sizes and universal. Open quick couplers are mounted on the hose near the water supply tap and AQUASTOP system connectors are fixed to the end of the hose. Thanks to the AQUASTOP feature, you do not have to go to the tap and close it before changing watering nozzles, as the wateris shut off when disconnecting the nozzle, pistol nozzle, sprayer, or sprinkler. Again - the most popular size for these connectors in many countries is 3/4 inch hose.

• Soft touch quick connection in a choice of plastic or rubber. All common sizes are available. These have the same functionality as quick connectors, but they are more pleasant to hold in your hands thanks to soft rubber inserts. In contrast to Chinese production, where the rubber element is infused in the plastic, GF the rubber thread element is interchangeable, and supplied individually. An important element of the connector is the spring made of polyacetate resin, known as “memory plastic”. You can connect and disconnect the hose with attachments a million times, but each time the spring will return the plastic outer casing into its place, each time like the first. Manufacture of these springs is dependent on the quality of the polyacetate resin used in the raw material.