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8 Item(s)

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What large rain-effect shower heads for bathrooms really are 

Wide rain-effect shower heads can be described as those large shower heads with a diameter equal to 20 cm or more. Models with just such a diameter can completely envelope a person in their water jets while bathing. Reaching the body with water droplets on all sides creates a rain effect. The shape of such a shower head can be square, circular or rectangular.
The device itself
Both fixed and hand-held rain-effect shower heads are available. Unlike the single hand-held version, fixed models can be of one of several kinds. Large rain-effect shower heads are rigidly attached to the desired location. As a rule, this is to a wall or a ceiling. These larger models can also be installed in a shower cabin.
The main part of large rain-effect shower heads is made of brass. This alloy of copper and zinc, which is brass, is a long-serving and durable material.
However, some models are made from stainless steel, carbon fibre or even plastic, but they are much smaller. Some samples are made of tempered quartz glass or natural stone.
Installing large rain-effect shower heads is a very troublesome task because it needs to be accompanied by the laying of water pipes in the ceiling and/or bathroom wall. This work must be performed by the installation of integrated plumbing systems by builders.
Note: Installing a rain-effect shower head in some urban city apartments is considered to be redevelopment, so it is necessary to obtain a permit under Building Regulations.