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Wide shower heads for showers — arguments “FOR”

The main plus of a large shower is the opportunity to receive daily pleasure during your shower experience. Powerful jets of water will set you up in a positive way, distracting from sad thoughts, and helping you to relax after a busy day.
Most rain effect shower heads are equipped with a range of nozzles:
Some nozzles provide an intense effect, such as a that of a power shower or a waterfall. Others can gently provide relaxation. Thanks to the various modes of large shower, you can revitalize the body, and that is one important argument "For".
The settings for you to have in your house rain shower save you needing to go to a spa. A one-time spend on the acquisition and installation of a rain-effect shower head means that you can pamper yourself daily for years withpowerful jets of water, and this is just another "For".
To the above arguments "For", we can add another: large shower heads can often be found equipped with backlighting and/or chromotherapy, adding further scope to your bathroom interior.
Wide shower heads for showers — arguments “AGAINST”
In addition to the advantages of pleasant pluses, rain-effect shower heads have disadvantages. One of the most important is the high cost of installation and the shower head itself.
Models of rain-effect shower heads are manufactured by European manufacturers of sanitary ware. Well-known design studios and famous designers devote a lot of effort to the external appearance of wide rain-effect shower heads.
Installing rain-effect models of shower heads on the ceiling or to the wall may also also require significant capital investment. In addition, the installation process is carried out during perhaps intensive refitting work in the bathroom.
Another argument "Against" wide rain-effect shower heads is increased water consumption. Therefore thrifty people may not find such models suitable.