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Shower Heads & Arms

Overhead shower heads.

Showerheads fixed to the ceiling are quite unordinary for standard bathrooms, however, they gradually gain popularity and win more and more followers. Such showerheads are an excellent choice for shower cabins and tall people who might find other variants uncomfortable.

The most popular modern variant of overhead shower is the tropical shower. Such showerheads are of large diameter and flat surface, which allows droplets create the rain effect. In the morning such a shower will bring you to a good mood and invigorate you whereas in the evening it will help you relax after a hard working day.

Overhead showerhead will not suit those who love quick washing under powerful and directed jet. Dispersed soft drops might create an illusion of lack of proper pressure. Besides, drops falling from such height cool quite quickly, which people who prefer hot shower might not like.

There might be some difficulties in installing overhead shower. All of such models require special and correct supply of pipes and hoses. From this point of view the most complex one is “tropical rain” showerheads for bathtubs and you should trust a professional person to do the installation.

Wall showerheads.

This kind of showerheads also refer to the fixed ones. However, it does not mean that the head will always stay in the same position. The most convenient variant for the whole family is a wall showerhead attached to a special holder or a bar. Such a fixation lets regulate height of a showerhead for each member of the family. Ball connection of a showerhead with fastening will allow you to change angle of bent and correspondingly direction of jet.

Modern wall showerheads, just as overhead ones, are the durable and high quality constructions produced from brass with finishing or coating with other metals. Plastic in such heads is almost never used, except in some designer’s whim. Since such expensive materials are used in production of fixed showerheads, they are quite expensive. On the other hand, you will not have to replace them often.