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Shower Hoses

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2 Item(s)

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What you need to know when buying a shower hose

While buying accessories for the bathroom, it is very important to take into consideration all the parameters pointing to high quality of the products. You may confidently buy a shower hose if:

  • it does not bend under the strong water pressure;
  • it withstands maximally high and low temperatures;
  • it consists of two parts (internal and external), which provide it with maximum flexibility.

It also counts if you buy shower hoses from well-known manufacturers. Since companies of solid reputation never save on quality of their products, you will obtain a guaranteed high quality product that will not rust in a few years but will retain its good look.

What else defines the price on a shower hose?

Construction of the shower hose is simple and understandable: it is an ordinary pipe covered with silicone on the inner side and metal coated on the outside. Due to this combination maximum flexibility and durability is achieved making a reliable construction that you can use every day without risk of breaking it.

For installation without troubles, you need to buy together with shower hose all the necessary accessories, such as showerhead, shower bar and attachments. This will cost you more but all the accessories will fit ideally in size and type of fastening. Otherwise, in places of connection water might leak leaving after it dirty runs.