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Shower Head, Hose & Bracket Kits

Each part is important

Durable shower hoses resisting cracks and corrosion are either produced from plastic with metal coating or completely made from metal (brass). In both cases the cost of such shower hoses is about the same. Operation life of plastic hoses lasts for decades despite high pressure in the water mains and contact with hot water. Due to those qualities they have been used in heating installations for a long time.

Apart from high quality durable shower hoses of such manufacturers as Kraus, Hansgrohe, Ravak, Kludi, Bugnatese and others, online sanitary ware shop Santer offers other important fittings of shower constructions, which are used for equipping bathrooms:

  • shower hose connectors;
  • holders for showerheads of low shower;
  • wall brackets for overhead shower;
  • hose holders.

Without these small but very important fittings it will be impossible to assemble fully-featured shower system. To avoid corrosion and gage interference of showerheads and holders, so we recommend customers buy these parts from solid sanitary ware manufacturers, as, among other things, it will guarantee stylish look as well.