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Shower Connectors

Product line of holders

Space-saving appliance will make showering even more comfortable. We have put in the catalogue of products holders for hand held shower of various shapes, sizes and colours. It might seem as an ordinary accessory but look how many advantages you will get if you install it:

  • Easy fixation: choose optimal height of mounting and fix the holder with standard self-tapping screws;
  • Choice of shape: there are no trifles in design art where each detail should be in harmony with the overall thematic concept. For classic style interior you will need rounded geometry, for art nouveau – angular shapes;
  • Colour: white, black, metallic – choose in accordance with colour of the mixer tap, shelves, hangers, spotlights and decorative elements;
  • Manufacturing material: you may choose chrome-plated brass, which is absolutely safe and resistant to mechanical damages. Characteristic metal lustre will remain years after its installation due to special water-repellent finishing. Water, dust and dirt stand no chance of staying on its surface. Technology is prompted by the nature itself and is called the ‘fresh apple’ effect reminding us that when you wash an apple, water just runs off its skin leaving the fruit clean and dry. Another variant is a holder produced from extra durable plastic;
  • Adjustable models: one smooth movement and you can set the showerhead at the desired angle;
  • Durability: despite high humidity of the bathroom and regular use, showerhead holder (even the cheapest model) will serve for more than a year. There are models able to work up to five years according to manufacturer’s guarantee, which actually means somewhat longer life. As you know, actual operation life depends on the material wear capacity and this criterion here is maximally convincing.

Make you choice depending on construction features of mixer taps, as some models are universal and fit for showerheads of any shape, whereas others are made especially for hoses with conical nut.