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Traditional crosshead shower head bracket for 18mm diameter rigid riser or slider rail solid brass - English gold & white

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  • Solid brass, durable gold finish
  • Fits 18mm diameter shower rigid riser rail & any standard shower hose
  • Allows for convenient position of shower head
  • Can be adjusted up/down and forwards/backwards
  • 1 Year Guarantee

Designed in striking gold, this traditional solid brass, rigid riser bracket, has been customised, to suit modern homes . A perfect accompaniment to any shower. Sliding naturally into place, this riser bracket and fixing handle are able to support the showerhead, fixing to the column with minimal fittings. This will allow you to shower comfortably and at a height and direction to suit your individual preferences. Ideal for showers up to 18mm in diameter, this elegant bracket has been designed to complement both traditional and contemporary bathrooms alike. Choose from gold, chrome or antique brass, available exclusively from The House of ENKI.


  • Hole diameter for shower column - 18mm


  • Comes complete with all fittings to be installed straight out of the box
  • Hand shower bracket x 1