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Strainer basket waste for single 1.0 one bowl kitchen sink

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  • Suitable for 1 bowl sinks with or without overflow
  • Includes strainer basket waste
  • 90mm standard waste diameter, 40mm - outlet (also includes reducer)
  • Safe to use, easy to install
  • 1 Year Guarantee

This round strainer basket comes in a standard UK size, suitable for a single bowl kitchen sink. Easily fill the sink with water for washing up, and catch stray food and debris from clogging up the drain by catching it at the plug hole. This strainer basket waste eliminates the risk of clogged drains and helps preserve your sink life. Easy to detach, by the inbuilt handle, simply lift up the basket to release the water and leave your sink clear and clean.

This product is suitable for one bowl sinks both with and without an overflow.

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