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Ceramic disc cartridge valve 35mm - Helena, Swiss Pro, Sofia, Madeira, Bruges, Milan, Berlin, Arena, Ariel, Modena, Slinky, Tate, Ruby, Manhattan

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  • Drip free ceramic disc technology
  • Easy to install and use ceramic cartridge valve 35mm
  • High quality will last around 500000 uses
  • Will fit any make as long as dimensions allow, will fit KT001, KT027, KT030, KT031, KT032, KT035 and others from our range
  • 1 Year Guarantee

If your taps started leaking most likely the problem is the cartridge and it needs to be replaced. We supply only high-quality replacement ceramic cartridges. These cartridges are made for a life cycle of half a million turns of the tap. They will be suitable for our range of taps as well as any other taps. If they do not fit simply return them back to us for a full refund!

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  • Please see technical drawing for exact dimensions


  • 1 x cartridge