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Naples Contemporary Cross Concealed Thermostatic Shower Set Incl. Twin Valve, Slider Rail Kit, Bath Filler Spout - Chrome (2 Outlet)

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  • QUALITY- This shower kit is premium quality, with a single cast body shower mixer valve and polished chrome finish. The concealed shower mixer valve is designed in a way that if maintenance is required the whole valve does not require re-plumbing. The built-in anti-scald device also means no more fluctuating water temperatures while showering.
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN- Concealed design means uncluterred minimalistic look, giving a modern feel to any bathroom. Kit includes: 1x twin concealed thermostatic shower mixer valve, 1x slider rail bar shower pole with handheld shower head and hose, 1x bath filler spout
  • SAFE TO USE- The twin thermostatic shower valve is anti-scald keeping you and your family safe. The valve will automatically turn off the shower head if the cold water supply fails. This valve is fitted with two individual controls: (1) Top dial: Diverter/ on/off; (2) Bottom dial: temperature control
  • HIGH PERFORMING- For the best performance of this water valve we recommend 1.0 bar water pressure. However, a 0.5 bar water pressure is acceptable with our shower set
  • 10 YEAR GUARANTEE- Although our shower valve is already trusted by thousands of customers we want to provide you with true peace of mind. That's why we offer a 10 year guarantee on our shower valve.