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Downton Exposed Traditional Thermostatic Shower Set 2 Outlet, Incl. Triple Shower Valve, Rigid Riser Rail, 200mm Shower Head & Bath Filler - Antique Bronze And Chrome

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  • QUALITY- This shower set is premium quality, with a solid brass construction and antique bronze finish. It is designed in a way that if maintenance is required, the whole valve does not require re-plumbing. The built-in anti-scald device also means no more fluctuating water temperatures while showering. Minimum water pressure required is 0.5 bar, though min. of 1.0 bar is recommended for best performance.
  • TRADITIONAL DESIGN- This shower set is robust and graceful and will give a timeless elegance to any bathroom. It has the appearance of a classic shower tap, yet all the intricate workings of a modern shower. The shower valve has white ceramic & cross handle detailing on the antique bronze valve. Shower valve - 1/2 inch hot/cold inlets with 147-153mm distance in between.
  • SAFE TO USE- The triple thermostatic shower valve is anti-scald allowing to keep you and your family safe. The smart thermostat valve will automatically turn off the shower head if the cold water supply fails. This valve is fitted with three individual controls, one to select the showers temperature and other two to control the water flow.
  • FULL PACKAGE SHOWER SET: X1 Thermostatic triple shower mixer valve with return to wall bend, X1 18mm rigid riser rail, X1 200mm large shower head, X1 shower arm, X1 bath filler spout. Rainfall shower head creating a powerful shower head.
  • 10 YEAR GUARANTEE- Although our shower sets are already trusted by thousands of customers we want to provide you with true peace of mind. That's why we offer a 10 year guarantee on our shower sets.

If you are after a more traditional look and feel for your bathroom or ensuite, why not complement the look with this beautiful Downton shower set with traditional rigid riser rail and thermostatic valve?

The triple thermostatic shower valve is anti-scald allowing to keep you and your family safe. The valve will automatically shut down the shower if the cold water supply fails. Features separate controls for temperature and water flow.


Single cast body, high-grade brass is featured in this premium quality valve. It is designed in a way that if maintenance is required whole valve does not require re-plumbing. Built-in anti-scald device means no more fluctuating water temperatures while showering.

  • 1/2" hot/cold inlets
  • Distance between connections: 147-153mm
  • For more dimensions please see technical drawing


Large 200mm shower head on a swivel ball joint for a sumptuous soak, with riser rail that can be cut to size for a perfect height.


Beautifully crafted from solid brass and finished in antique bronze. Concealed bath spout design allows you to choose where the spout can be installed. The sout can be installed on a different wall away from the main shower


For this shower to operate efficiently your water system will need to produce at least 0.5 bar of pressure, though we recommend 1.0 bar for best performance.

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