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 Towel is a thing people always have in their bathrooms and use every day. Evidently, absorbing water it gets wet so to solve this problem all kinds of towel warmers are used. The simplest one in installation and maintenance is electric towel warmer. It is easily fixed to any surface and is plugged into the standard electric mains. Principle of its work is very simple: the appliance consists of some heat-transfer medium going through the whole towel warmer and a heating element, which task is to heat up to the necessary temperature the heat-transfer medium. Bonus of the towel warmer is that while working it emits additional warmth for the bathroom heating, which is very comfortable in cool weather when it is a bit too early to switch on the central heating. Distinctive feature of this towel warmer is that it does not have to work non-stop. As soon as you don’t need it you just unplug it. However, even in non-working mode it remains a stylish remarkable interior element.