Some small-sized apartments have no windows in bathrooms as bathroom walls are not external ones but in bigger apartments and cottage houses bathrooms have a window or more, so we gathered a collection of ideas how to decorate bathroom windows and make them beautiful.

Window – beauty of the bathroom

Apart from all the practical functions window contributes to the bathroom aesthetically. Since the majority of bathrooms do not presuppose transparent windows, beautiful stained-glass panel may be used instead of ordinary glass. Artists can unleash their fantasy and create something new and modern or turn to ever-young classics. With such a stained-glass panel, your bathroom will resemble a Venetian palace no less.

Of course, you will need to match all the other elements of décor to the panel to keep the style. For stained-glass panel you will need moderate-size light coloured frame in classic style, which will not attract more attention than the panel itself. Stained-glass window may be in any size: from small round one to large French window taking up the whole wall. You can choose any subject for your pictures – geometry, oriental ornaments or floral motif.

Please, remember that main elements of stained-glass panel can be repeated on the frame of bathroom mirror. By doing so you will visually unite several decorative elements in one room, which will bring more entirety to the style and make your choice conscious.


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Window as a bright trend

Bathroom window may act as a centrepiece in the architectural idea. Together with a designer or on your own you can come up with unique design leaving nobody indifferent. It might be some complex compositions of glass and steel, a window-transformer with ingenious mechanism of opening or a beautiful window imitating boat porthole. In any case you would win even if the window will not be opened because with its presence and decoration made by you it will make the bathroom completely unique.

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Supplementary source of light

A bathroom window is a perfect alternative to lighting fixture and chandeliers as there is no need to switch on lights in the bathroom until the evening. Supplementary lighting will be used only in the dark time of the day. Thus, window will contribute to saving you money while paying up light bills.

Besides, natural light is much better than lamplight: it is more convenient to do make-up, wash in the morning so this is one more advantage of a bathroom window. If your bathroom is located on the ground floor you can choose special matted window to hide from prying eyes what happens inside. Such a window would make curtains redundant.

Glass block is a wonderful alternative to matted glass. Window made of glass block is a beautiful and practical attribute of the bathroom. They can be of different structure (glossy, matted, rough) and of wide variety of colours. You can make genuine mosaic compositions with their help as glass blocks go in different sizes: 10*10, 19*19, 24*24. Glass blocks of 15cm minimum, that is thickness of wall, are used for interior walls.

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Natural room ventilation

Recently we have discussed an actual issue for any bathroom – how to fight moisture in the bathroom. True, sometimes ventilation systems in the houses are either poorly done or lack in strength and because of that the bathroom constantly stays moist. Firstly, it is unpleasant to breath foul air, secondly, sooner or later mould or fungus will find its way into the bathroom. Bathroom window is a perfect and easy way to fight moisture. All you need to do is open the window and moisture will be gone in a short time.

You have to stick to several simple rules to make it work:

  1. Vent panes should be placed on height of minimum 1,7m. so that you can take a shower with an open window and not bother about draughts on your body. Moreover, moisture will vaporise faster that way and if you have painted ceiling it will be ventilated as well, which eliminates appearance of mould.
  2. Window must have such option as “airing position” to let you open the window even if you are inside the bathroom.
  3. Do not place bathroom window against another window. The first reason of why this is a bad idea is draught and the second one is that moisture can be pulled into the other window, which means to the corridor and then it will go further around the whole place.
  4. Window should be offset to the outer side on 15cm, then condensed water will not trickle from windows directly to the bathtub if it is set under the window.

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Panoramic view behind the window

This advantage is mostly for detached houses and cottages standing further away from neighbouring houses or that are surrounded by the large private territory. If you created beautiful landscape design in your own garden or yard you can enjoy it not only outside but even without leaving your own bath.

This idea is also good for apartments on the higher floors (starting from the sixth floor, for example) or in the houses facing a park, avenue, etc. In this case, grasp the idea of installing French window to create an illusion of absence of walls and submersion into the nature. Such a beautiful landscape pacifies, brings balance to the soul and spirit, especially while you are taking a bath. Scenic view behind the window is the main decoration of the bathroom so modest minimalism will be a good solution for design not to draw attention away from the beauty outside.

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Apart from various advantages of having a window in the bathroom there is a number of purely technical aspects that need to be taken into account while planning design of your bathroom:

window size

This is an individual issue and it depends on room’s dimensions and layout. The larger the bathroom the bigger window can be made.

window shape

This issue is to be coordinated with the entirety of style of the room. It can be round, oval, rectangular, square, lancet window or arched one. Such a window should correspond to the style of the bathroom not to stand out of the entire composition otherwise the window might turn to token of bad taste rather than stylish accessory.

window material

If the window is located right above the bathtub it is best to choose plastic, which is water-resistant, as wood will sooner or later start swelling because of contact with water and moisture. Metal window frames are also good for the bathroom. Here is one more interesting idea – ensemble of small windows from glass blocks with borders between them outlined by stone – such materials will endure well both moisture and time.

location of window

Traditional location is above the bathtub. However, you may just as well break the stereotype. The window may be placed either near the lavatory bowl or at any other place that is comfortable for you.


window located above the buthtub
621window located between the buthtub and the washbasin

window located between wahbasins

window located near the lavatory bowl

Bathroom window is an interesting and useful accessory. Why do we call it accessory? — It is hardly an indispensable part of the bathroom; nevertheless, it will always bring joy to the house dwellers as no extract ventilation will ever replace fresh air.