White colour in the kitchen is a universal one. You will have a nostalgic feeling of returning to your grandparent’s house if you decorate your white kitchen interior in the Provence style. Or maybe you prefer cool reserve of the Scandinavian style? Or intensive avant-garde of a New-York loft?

The same white kitchen furniture in various surrounding calls for such unlike emotions.

Let us consider three examples of white kitchen interiors.

Scandinavian minimalism for the kitchen in white

Popularity of Scandinavian style nowadays has skyrocketed. It is due to its calm and clean lines without fanciful excessive details, which presupposes not only beauty but affordability as well.

The North-European essence of style gives us snow-white shades visually broadening the room and filling it with soft natural light. The main motto of the style is naturalness and minimalism. That is why wall decoration does not demand wallpapers with intricate ornaments and structure, the ordinary paint is enough. Traditionally the white paint is used, however, light shades of beige or green are also popular.

Scandinavian style of the kitchen

A bit less frequently simple brickwork with the emphasis on its naturalness is used. It is wise not to choose heavy bright curtains or exuberant flowery curtain lace for the windows. Wide geometrical window framing is enough. However, if you are firmly intent on hanging curtains, better make them plain and transparent without any additional decoration.

Remember, there should be no excessive decorative details. Disregarding wall decoration, ceiling of the Scandinavian style kitchen should be plain white with minimalistic softly shaped chandeliers. Small decorations of the ceiling are possible only if they don’t attract attention. It is important to keep within the boundaries of strict elegance and not to fall into excessiveness of eclectic style.

To avoid boring sterile look use the elements making emphasis, such as bright chairs, tables or decorative dishware.

Wood is the win-win material. Wood structure would look to its fullest advantage on the floor, be it warm and light colours or subdued dark, even black shades.

Wooden elements on the ceiling are also possible if the room offers no other decorative elements.

Countertop material is another very important issue. Universal wood is also suitable for the countertops but you may turn to monochrome material imitating stone or marble.

White countertops repeating the colour of the kitchen suite is a very good idea. This is the infallible option.

By the way, speaking of the furniture front we should mention that apart from its white colour, it should also be without complicated structure and additional carvings. You will only benefit from buying simple glossy white cabinets, which always look stylish and neat, especially in combination with just as minimalistic light-coloured backsplash.

If your budget does not allow variety of choice, buy the plain cabinets with chipboard or laminated chipboard front covered with a film. This will make your Scandinavian interior look elegantly modest and save you the money.

Cosy Provence in the white kitchen

Not a single interior will compare to Provence style also called the cottage style in cosiness and comfort. It indeed reminds us of charming villages in France.

Characteristic feature of Provence is abundance of wood with subtle decorations. Especially it is true for the furniture fronts: on the contrast to the Scandinavian style, decorative carved elements on the cabinets are the happy addition whereas gloss is to be avoided.

The floor is to be definitely wooden or imitating wood of any shade. Adding a practical unstainable carpet with some retro ornament is a good idea. You may also experiment with the ceiling choosing either plain white paint or wooden beams characteristic of village cottages.

Here such details as curtains should be paid special attention to. You may choose either cosy checks, elegant flowery pattern for the curtains or weightless curtain lace.

Don’t forget about chandeliers as French cottage style is far from modern Scandinavian lines. In Provence kitchen interior candles in bronze, brass or bronze decoration will be just in place. Anything that looks pretty and vintage will do nicely.

Take care of a suitable countertop material: warm wood or light-coloured not elaborate stone will look good. Another nice option is a handmade countertop made from glazed tile.

While installing the countertop, find a matching backsplash of a pleasant neutral colour like creamy white, beige or turquoise.

Try to provide as much natural light as possible with big windows. Greenery on the outside will splendidly complete the view as well as potted plants in the kitchen itself.

Detailed loft in white colour

As opposed to the countryside Provence style, loft appeared as an ode to industrial revolution at the period of industrialisation. Various metal constructions, crude brickwork, concrete walls and ceiling, piping and solid furniture. If you can describe Provence style as a soft feminine style loft calls for working man’s hands associations. This style is less neutral, it is more ingenious and specific than others.

There is no need to go to extremes. You can restrict yourself to the hints on industrial idea: small silverfish details, light-coloured bricks on the walls, simple wooden and metal furniture.

Don’t be afraid to use greys. This is the rare occasion when dusty dull shades look surprisingly well. Special characteristic feature of lofts is grey crudely looking floor. Just think how practical such solution will be.

Brickwork on the wall is nearly the obligatory feature and the main decorative element of the loft. Nice little curtains on the window will definitely look out of place here. Just imagine that the room should look manly in a good sense of the word.

Forget about neat smooth ceilings of French and Scandinavian kitchens interiors. Use big crude wooden beams, rough panels and complicated metal constructions.

The same rule of roughness pertains to all surfaces; better do without smooth glossy lustre and pastel shades. Stone and metal would look very stylish and, besides, they don’t demand special delicate care.

Multilevel working surfaces are a very interesting solution being unbelievably practical and adding to the atmosphere as well. This is just the field for crazy experiments on imitating factory diners and workshops.

Light wireframe furniture and clean geometric shapes of furniture suite will help to smooth the excessive ‘crudeness’. You may also use small reserved decorations, such as straw mats, floor palace, and interesting simply shaped floor lamps.

The so called white loft with white walls, floor and furniture look simply fabulous.

General advice on decoration of the white kitchen interior

When choosing decoration for the kitchen interior:

  • comply with rule of colours 60-30-10, by regulating colour relation with the shades of wood and metal;
  • observe the rule for each of the style, don’t clutter the interior with alien elements;
  • choose matching materials for furniture and finishing practical for you.

This will make your white kitchen design charming.

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