Wall hung toilets and sinks came into a vogue a decade ago. Moreover, wall mounted mixer taps are becoming increasingly popular. However, until now many people have been asking: how do they hold on?



Toilet bowl, which is hovering above the ground and contacting a wall at one point, only at first glance seems to be unreliable.

There is nothing to be afraid of. Wall mounted models are able to withstand the weight of up to 400 kg. In addition, everything is all right with a toilet tank: it is just hidden, and only toilet flush buttons are visible on a wall.

Due to the peculiarity of wall hung toilets, shapes of its bowls are thought over very carefully, ensuring users comfort. Water divider built in toilet allows water to wash all the perimeter of the toilet bowl at high velocity.

Installation systems for sinks and toilets for a long time differed slightly. However, not so long ago we learned how to integrate the system of eliminating odors inside the toilet bowl into the mounting elements. The secret cannot be seen - it is hidden behind a wall. There is a switch in the flush button that triggers the air diversion system, then a carbon filter cleans air and purified it goes again into the room. Energy saving unit will turn off automatically after 10 minutes or can be switched off manually using the same button.

Polluted air is pumped directly from the toilet. The best way is to take it away at the point of its formation, and not wait until it will spread all over the toilet. This solution does not mask unpleasant odor like an air freshener does, and does not let the odor fill the room as a traditional ventilation does.

Another significant advantage of wall hung toilets comparing with a floor standing (except for vanguard design to break the stereotypes) – is an ease of cleaning. The gap between the floor and the bottom of the toilet bowl is approximately 15 cm, so the accumulating of dust and debris is not possible – they are easy to remove with one movement of mop.

The widespread opinion that wall mounted toilet saves space is no more than a myth. Toilet tank invisible from the outside still should be placed somewhere. Moreover, the construction, to which toilet bowl is attached, takes some space. However, a prudent owner easily would use the empty space above the bulkhead that hides the mounting frame. For the shelves for example.