Why choose wenge

Wenge is a rare, very valuable kind of tropical tree that grows in Africa, and furniture manufacturers are aware that it must be obtained in one place and in one batch. This sort of wood is truly one of the best and this fact is probably recognized by all who have ever come across its extraordinary properties:

  • solid structure, resistant to damage and pressure;
  • high resistance to fungi and insects;
  • incredibly decorative thanks to the texture and color of the spectrum (from golden brown to dark coffee with black streaks);
  • durable

As you can see, the expensiveness of the material is fully justified. Nevertheless, the production of wenge veneer tends to be the alternative to the natural wood.  It, in turn, is applicable in the decoration and the manufacture of kitchen furniture.

Which styles are appropriate for use of wenge

We must pay tribute to the highness of wenge color demand in a modern interior. Although, it is worth remembering that we mean different things, when speaking about color and wood, as the latter is very expensive. Still, it would be appropriate to use facades imitating wood species, when mentioning such an unambiguous room as the kitchen, where the steam and humidity are constantly present.

Wenge color kitchens are always minimalistic and luxurious and thus truly created for the connoisseurs of beautiful housing. What styles are suitable for wenge?

  • Classical

Dark brown color looks expensive and luxurious in the interior, with pretensions to the aristocracy. In addition, the classic, as it is known, is beyond the fashion and for the ages. You will make your kitchen quite a unique one by singling out kitchen island with the classical wenge facades.

  • Minimalism

Certain simplicity of wenge will fit into the principles of minimalism style, namely: pure forms, monochromaticism, and a feeling of spaciousness. There is nothing superfluous that clutters the space, and the furniture is characterized by modern materials, such as: glass, wood, steel.


An aesthetic texture of dark wood compensates the lack of decor in the minimalistic style of the kitchen. Hence it appears that such an interior will be relevant for many years.

  • Ethnic

Aiming to give your kitchen an unusual and showy look, feel free to use the color of wenge, if you decide to create an ethnic style interior. This choice, thanks to the African origin of the wood, will make you and your guests admire the special atmosphere over and over again. The motives of different nationalities of the world will emphasize the subtlety of taste of the hosts. An ornament on the panel or bright carpets on the floor will help to emphasize the ethnic style.

How to combine wenge with other colors

Harmonious combination with the accompanying shades should be an important condition for the wenge colored kitchen.  Thus, dark furniture will acquire tangible lightness, if the surrounding area would be painted in white, cream or beige. You should also take the size of the room into account.

It is preferable to use a lighter shade of wenge in a small room; a large kitchen will allow applying the deep dark one.
  • Wenge and white

Intense tabletops and chairs of dark chocolate color are beneficial in contrast to a boil-and-white space. You can counterbalance the bright room by using the beautiful color of wenge in its separate items: dining table, chairs, floor covering.

  • Wenge and cream

Soft cream color visually dilutes the facades of the deep brown color. You can soften the "assertive" wenge by painting the walls and ceiling of ivory, laying the mosaic gradient from light to dark.


  • Wenge and pistachio

Quiet green and warm beige will fill the dark kitchen by the motifs of nature. By implication, the colors, which you can meet in the nature, may look great in the finish. Choose pistachio walls and red ceramic to decorate your kitchen.

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A huge desire to surround themselves with equally bright objects is inherent to the expressive people, which are foreign to the usual patterns of everyday life. In this case, wenge color would be the best backdrop for the shades of red, azure or crimson.
  • Wenge and blue

A combination of dark brown and blue has recently become ultrafashionable. It can be used on the facades of furniture, at its different levels. Nevertheless, bright turquoise facades of the household appliances will be rather an unexpected choice.

  • Wenge and orange

You can perfectly use to the best effect of the kitchen ensemble, the lower part of which is painted wenge, by adding juicy citrus colors to the upper facades.

The indisputable fact is the incredible popularity of wenge when creating reliable, resistant and extremely beautiful furniture, a favorite of connoisseurs of the natural wood. No matter how it is called: whether Congolese rosewood, whether mibotu, avonge, bokong or African pink wood, even an imitation of such valuable species is synonymous with quality. That, in turn, is essential for the comfort and functionality of the kitchen.