• 1 Open shower cabins
  • 2 Closed shower cabins or shower boxes
  • 3 Multifunctional shower cabins
  • 4 Shower trays
  • 5 Walls and doors

Nowadays the majority of people prefer to replace their bathtubs with shower cabins having estimated its advantages in everyday life. So let us consider what the market of contemporary sanitary engineering has to offer and what choices are we to make.

Shower cabin is a limited space designated for having a shower and other hygienic procedures. They might be of two kinds: open and closed.


Open shower cabins

This type is called an ‘open’ one because this cabin has no roof and limits the space from four sides only.

In such a design two or three sides are limited with the bathroom walls whereas the others are limited by the cabin walls. These are the sol-called corner shower cabins.


Open corner shower located in the niche

From the first glance, such cabins may seem a cheap and simple solution.

Lets us consider detailed features of their design and installation.

  1. The first and foremost peculiarity of this kind is thorough preparation to the shower cabin installation.
  2. It is necessary to even the floor and the walls, strengthen waterproofness, as installation with full waterproofness will otherwise be impossible.
  3. Such a thorough preparation is because the doors are fixed to the wall with steel joint hinges, which can be regulated only up to two millimetres.
  4. In case of uneven walls, cracks will be impossible to remove and that will disrupt waterproofness.
  5. Open corner shower is installed into the niche or the bathroom corner.
  6. Since this kind of cabins has no roof it is devoid of some complementary functions, such as aromatherapy, tropical shower or steam bath.
  7. The cabin may be installed directly onto the floor of the bathroom.
  8. Possibility of on-floor installation is especially valued in small bathroom with limited space.


Having chosen transparent doors opening inwards the cabin you will visually broaden the room and enlarge its useful space.


Corner shower cabin without shower tray


Gully trap

On-floor installation of such a corner shower instead of buying a shower tray presupposes a number of the following activities:

  • before you begin finish woks, decide on dimensions and exact location of installing corner shower;
  • carry out works on waterproofing of walls and floor;
  • assemble the water drain system – the so-called gully trap;

Water is drained into the outlet grate and down the pipes further into the sewage. The set might also contain syphon for cutting the sewage smells off.

Waste-pipe is mounted into the floor with the slide of minimum 2-3 degrees. In this case you need to raise the bathroom floor up a bit in that location.


It is better to choose a stainless steel gully trap of high quality, which will serve a couple of dozen years.

  • at further installation you need to keep the 3 degrees slide in the gully area (for better drainage);
  • floor tile for the shower without shower tray should be with anti-slippery effect.
  • if you have an already completed floor finish and sewage inlet, you may mount corner shower cabin onto the tray matching shape and size of the cabin.

Open corner shower cabins made from transparent glass broaden bathroom space and add weightlessness and elegance to the design of even the small bathroom.


Corner shower cabin

Closed shower cabins or shower boxes

Closed shower cabins are called shower boxes because they have their own roof and are closed by walls from all the sides.

They are easy to mount in any place with prepared and installed water inlet and drain.

They differ from the other kinds of cabins in the following criteria:

  • Number of functions: simple cabins and multifunctional ones. Multifunctional one is the cabin with one or more complementary functions apart from the shower itself.
  • Configurations and dimensions. Shower boxes may be round, semi-round, square, rectangular and corner shaped. Their dimensions may vary (70х70, 80х80, 90х90, 100х100 cm) depending on the tray size; rectangular shower boxes may also be in size 80х120- 210 cm.
  • Height and shower tray material.
  • Material of walls and doors.


Multifunctional shower boxes

Multifunctional closed shower cabin or shower box

Let us consider multifunctional shower cabins: their functions, features and peculiarities to pay your attention to.

  1. Hydromassage function.
  2. Two types of hydromassage: horizontal and vertical.
  • Horizontal hydromassage is available only in expensive combined models, which are equipped with hydromassage bathtub instead of shower tray.
  • Water outlet nozzles are located on the sides and bottom of the bath in certain order, massage itself is done through the layer of water.
  • Nozzles create jets of air bubbles and water flowing in various directions with regulated pressure.
  • Hydromassage is suitable for everyday use as it improves health and helps to distress after a hard day. Its impact on skin improves blood circulation, digestion, metabolism and intestinal motility.
  • During this massage splitting of fat intensifies, which serves as preventive measure against cellulite.


Use hydromassage shower carefully in case of some diseases since there might be some counter-indications for people with infarction, hypertensive disease, urinary stone disease, oncology and at the time of acute exacerbation of a chronic diseases.

Please, consult your physician not to damage your health!

  • Vertical hydromassage is done via water jets coming out of nozzles located on the panel fixed on the shower box’s wall.
  • Depending on the number of nozzles, massage may affect positively different parts of the body, such as: neck, shoulders, back, low back and also foot massage is available in case of supplementary attachment.


Do not save on good filters for water purification.

Otherwise you hydromassage box will not last for long.


  1. Steam bath function.
  2. Steam generator at the temperature of 45-60 degrees creates almost 100% humidity.
  3. It is achieved due to steam generator producing steam, which is evenly spread around the cabin by the inside fan thus creating conditions typical for “Turkish bath”.


Before you buy hydro box it would be helpful to enquire about the pressure of water in the house water mains, including your floor.

If pressure is less than 2-3 bars such options as hydromassage and steam bath will not function.

  1. Tropical rain.
  2. Special ceiling attachment sprays water in small droplets creating summer rain effect. It is recommended to take ‘tropical ran’ shower before going to bed.
  3. Aromatherapy (inhalation).
  4. This option is available in the cabins with ‘tropical rain’ and ‘steam bath’ options.
  5. Water and steam fill the box space with useful aroma after going through special container filled with fragrant oil.


Combined hydromassage box

  • This function helps to spread evenly steam around the cabin with such options as ‘tropical rain’ and ‘steam bath’. In simpler models fan makes it easy to breath at the time of taking a shower.
  • Contrast shower.
  • It is very useful for improving your endurance and also for invigoration in the mornings. This option allows automatic changes of hot and cold water in turns.
  • It is also known as light treatment. It is very beautiful and useful for your organism option. It helps to restore nervous system after the stress through impact of light beams combined with water jets.
  • It has a positive effect on hormonal axis, skin and other organs. Light emitting diodes built-in the ceiling paint water jets in different colours according to the programme chosen by you. It is controlled with control board.
  • Voice control.
  • This function is available only in the most expensive shower cabin equipped to the state-of-art level.
  • By voice command you may, for instance, make water cooler or switch on hydromassage option.


Hydromassage box with steam bath option

Apart from listed above, almost any shower box is equipped with FM radio system and phone receiver as well as additional side and upper lighting, mirror, seat, hand rail, shelves for cosmetics and wall mount dispensers of liquid detergents.


Multifunctional shower cabins consume quite a lot of power.

For safe use there must be separate power line of the appropriate cross-section with electrical earthing of the cabin.

Shower trays

Browsing through shower cabin pictures we cannot miss their important component – base they are mounted on.

Shower trays differ according to depth parameter:

  • flat – 0-3,5 centimetres;
  • shallow – from 10 to 18 centimetres;
  • deep – up to 45 centimetres.

They are also manufactured from different materials.

Shower trays have anti-slippery surface, their colour often matches colour of accessories or cabin walls creating stylish ensemble.


Shower tray

Cast-iron and steel trays are coated with enamel, which makes them vulnerable to scratches and hits.

They differ from each other in the same way as bathtubs of the same materials: cast-iron gives less noise at falling water jet then steel, which is rumbling loudly. Cast-iron also keeps warmth longer.

Ceramic shower trays are durable and impeccably hygienic as it is easy to take care of them. They are shiny bright for a very long time. But they are quite fragile as any ceramic product. One more drawback is low thermal conductivity because of which initially shower tray is cold so it is not very comfortable to stand on it with bare feet under the shower. Way out in such a situation is to lay a bathmat produced from high quality anti-slippery material complete with antibacterial components. This trifle will make shower tray surface more pleasant and safe to stand on.


Deep shower tray with a seat

Acryl is a relatively new material, always warm to touch. It takes the temperature of environment and has non-slippery surface, which makes it a champion on the market. Its deformation capacity allows manufacturers to give it any interesting shape. Such shower trays are made from straight acryl sheets on special forms. They are light, quit durable and don’t change their initial colour. Scratches are easily corrected by rubbing in with special paste. For better rigidity such trays are mounted on aluminum frame.

Cabin walls and doors

Cabin walls and doors are manufactured from shatterproof glass or acryl. Acryl surfaces can be of various grades of transparency and colour.

Glass is easy to wash, water and droplets flow faster without leaving traces and it does not go opaque with intensive use.

Doors can be as follows:

  • sliding, composed of 2, 3 or 4 leaves;
  • swing door.

Sliding doors are more waterproof, have rolling mechanism of movement and do not need additional space for opening.

Having studied all the possible peculiarities and options of shower cabins, also take into account opinion of your members of family. There is no need to pay for some unnecessary option no one will ever use. We wish you a successful choice!