Coziness of bathroom is provided by its dimensions, beautiful bath and toilet equipment and high standard materials of decoration. If you are a happy owner of a spacious bathroom use this space wisely and generously and, for instance, set the clawfoot bathtub just as in cult films or set the tub to stand alone making a real rend of it.

Choosing feet and setting a tub

If you decided to buy beautiful bathtub with shapely feet, remember to do it simultaneously in one shop. In this case, you will be able to check immediately before making the purchase fastening security, strength of feet and decorative edgings and make sure that size of fastenings is ideal for the bathtub of chosen shape.



Rule number one

Despite the chosen material of your tub, you have to anticipate the bigger load because of water and a person’s weight. That is why feet should be made of durable materials such as bronze, steel, enameled iron.

Clawfoot bathtub would look luxuriously even in small room but you have to keep in mind that its somewhat elevated above the floor weight will grow, which means load on the floor covering will grow as well. Thus, it is not recommended to set calwfoot tub on the old tiling with cracks and chippings. Such a tiling to be replaced by more durable and reliable one.


Rule number two

Feet can be of three types: decorative (serve as the decoration of bathtub only), supporting (support bathtub), intermediate or additional (assist, adding to the main supporting construction)

Rule number three

Bathtub feet should correspond to its style and to bathroom’s character. Laconic shape is suitable for minimalistic practical interiors whereas feet in the shape of animal paws will fit in classically furnished bathroom, Art Deco or Baroque styles.

Rule number four

Feet can be fastened by the special adhesive tape but this method of attachment is not very reliable despite its simplicity of use. Attachment of feet with such fittings as corbel pieces, self-tapping screws and plates is considered to be reliable.

To settle a bathtub on legs in the chosen place it needs either to be laid on its side or turned upside-down. Then fastenings should be inserted into special holes in the tub and screwed all the way in. After that, you should use patch plates with locating pin for feet as this will help to avoid scratches and chippings of floor in the future and prevent the tub moving.



Different kinds of clawfoot tubs


Acrylic bath


Nowadays plumbing fixtures made of acryl is of no surprise to anybody as shops are ready to offer bathtubs of any shape equipped with hydromassage and lighting is you wish so. However, supporting feet can serve as an interesting decorative element of such a tub. We recommend choosing adjustment feet since it will simplify finding necessary height of your tub in concrete room for the whole family’s comfort.

Acrylic bathtub might be set on the special supporter so that feet would be just a beautiful decoration. In this case choice of material is not so important.



cast iron bath


To hold the weight of a real cast iron bath its feet should be made of high-resistance steel or bronze. Cast iron bathtubs are usually produced in classic oval shape with high sides that is why clawfeet shaped as animal paws with decorative edgings as well as laconic feet accentuating modern spirit of bathroom will fit.

Cast iron bath set on beautiful clawfeet can become a single focus of attention of the whole room and relieve you from necessity of buying additional items of decoration.



steel bath


Lightweight, affordable and durable steel bath is as popular as ever and if you accomplish it with supportive feet, rest assured, this kind of bath will keep its topicality for a very long time.

Try to pick feet of contrasting colour, for instance, black ones for a white tub or while or glossy iron grey feet for tub with coloured outer side.



stand-alone buth


Nowadays in the sphere of interior design stand-alone bathtubs designed for spacious bathrooms are in the peak of popularity. Such bathtubs are also called bath bowls and font basins. They are set on bare floor, however, some may have a base – “pad”.


Stand-alone bathtubs are chosen for those people who value aesthetics and comfort and have enough money as this item demands correct choosing, laying services in a certain way, accurate setting and furnishing with fixtures corresponding to the bathroom style.

Variety of design

First of all, we must admit that stand-alone bathtubs differ from traditional ones as they eliminated boundaries in defining dimensions and shape of the tubs. Now you can have oval tub, round dome-shaped one as a barrel or antique-like tub, rectangular, square or otherwise shaped stand-alone bathtub of certain size.


Acryl bathtubs can be made in any shape and colour, cast iron ones more tend to classic shape. However, the most ingenious of the all is a stand-alone bath made of artificial stone or brass, toughened glass or the most unusual of them all wooden one.



Choosing mixer taps

An ideal mixer tap for a stand-alone bathtub is the floor mixer. You will have to choose the one that is closer in style and colour to the clawfeet or mixer in work area.

Some models provide fastening of tap to the tub rim, in other models main part of mixer tap, might be hidden by podium construction if it is foreseen by the project. However, you have to take care of a corresponding mixer tap for your stand-alone bathtub so that it would look harmoniously and spectacularly add to the style.

Mixer taps of laconic shapes, classic ones and with Baroque décor are of big popularity. There are following manners of fastening for stand-alone bathtubs:

  1. Floor mixers – columns, which are assembled near the tub into the floor only in case the piping is laid appropriately under the floor at the house construction stage.
  2. Mixer taps on stands, podium or shelf.
  3. Mixer tap on the tub rim, often go with hydromassage baths or Jacuzzi.


No doubt stand-alone tubs either on clawfeet or without them look luxurious in the interior and give the feeling of bliss and quietude. Such baths are expensive but they are the heart’s desire of people with different levels of welfare.