The bathroom is the most demanding and popular room in the house. It is important to choose the right design for it because it is the place of personal hygiene, comfort and beauty.

And what style of the bathroom could be better than classic? The classic design of the bathroom combines the most popular elements, remaining laid-back and time-proved, it can be both fine, fashionable, and affordable. Due to these characteristics, the classic design of the bathroom is the most popular design style of the room for people of all social groups. But what does classic style consist of? What components does it contain? This article will tell you all about the "classical bathroom," revealing the most exciting questions.


1. Where to start while repairing renovating the bathroom?

2. The most popular option of the bathroom repair by price/quality.

3. What materials to select:

· for walls and ceiling;

· for an attractive design;

· for a unique interior.

4. Interesting ideas for design.

5. Conclusion.


Refurbishment or renovation: where to begin?

If you decided to refurbish or renovate your bathroom using classic style, you must first prepare the room for the substantive change. First, you should redesign the room, then clean it and, finally, repair. This process is detailed below:

· first, you should take off the old wall covering, then prepare a detailed room plan locating future household items and utilities. "Planning is the beginning of victory" - as the famous commander said;

· now, it is time to think of the general bathroom design. This includes finish of the walls, ceiling, and floor, lighting location planning, the arrangement of future plumbing fixtures and furniture. Learn more about all these components further in article;

· calculate your ideas. Think of the shops where you can cut costs, etc..

The most important thing here is planning. You should know what exactly will be in your bathroom and where you'll place it. To maximize the use of space, you just need to prepare the room in advance, taking out the plumbing fixtures and old covering.

Classic design of the bathroom is the best option

Before starting the repair, you should know exactly what the "classic design of the bathroom" looks like. See pictures of the bathrooms online. This concept includes not only the furniture and plumbing fixtures, but also the right location of lighting units, their type, the style of the walls, and many other things. When you find the right colour and all elements of the classic style, your bathroom easily becomes 'perfect'.

There is some unwritten rule of the bathroom design that consists of three key points. It sounds like this: the walls/floor/ceiling create an atmosphere, the furniture - comfort, and the illumination - personality. By following these rules, you will never make mistakes while creating the classic design of the bathroom.

Choosing the right material

The classic style, as well as any other style of the bathroom, has its most suitable materials. In general, it should be said that such a style of the room cannot stand synthetic materials, such as plastic. Everything should be natural, durable and solid. This is the base for the classic style. Consider each option in more detail.

Designing the walls

There are several material types for designing the bearing surfaces of the bathroom in the classic style:

· tiles. This is a standard coverage for the bathroom walls that also performs a good protective function. As for the colour of tiles and floor tile, you can choose several shades that give a unique effect. The combination of red and white or yellow and blue will look fine. These are the most advanced ideas of the classical style, as only white colour is no longer in vogue;

· photoprints. This is a relatively recent fashion, an echo from the old classic design of bathrooms - wallpapers. When you apply photoprints on the tiles, you visually expand the bathroom, making it visually larger. If you design them properly (selecting water scenery, pictures of fish and dolphins), the prints will relax and calm you during bath procedures;

· mosaic. Coming from the time of the Middle Ages, tiles with mosaic will make your bathroom look antique, delighting by its splendor. But there is a slight hitch that accompanies this type of decoration - mosaic looks good only in large rooms, but not in small.

The classical design of the bathroom also looks fine with the smooth white ceiling. Whether it is false ceiling or not, the main thing is to prevent uneven lines and ribbing.

Adding coziness and comfort

In order to make the classical style of your bathroom cozy and comfortable, you must install the appropriate furniture. It should be made of wood, leather, and have a 'standard' design. Avoid using plastic or other synthetic materials. The furniture forms should be smooth and streamlined to the full. The use of stone, for example, in making the countertop, is also welcome.

The furniture handles and edges should be gold-plated (imitation is acceptable). To create the classic style, you should choose dim colors of the furniture that will go well together with the other elements of the interior.

Adding personality

Now, we just have to make the bathroom special, without losing the classic room design. This is achieved in several ways:

· unique light fixtures. Since the bathroom is the place to be well lighted, take care of the sufficient quantity and quality of the fixtures. To make the room look unique, chandeliers and wall lamps should be stylised in gold;

· antiques. Or their substitutes. We mean vases, paintings, antique mirrors. All these items, carefully selected and installed into their places, will perfectly complement the bathroom, giving it a touch of antiquity;

· canework and knitted items. It could be laundry baskets, mats, towels.

With the above-mentioned things, you will add comfort and classic charm to your bathroom that will help you to relax during water procedures.

Filling the bathroom with classic interior items

It remains only to fill the bathroom with necessary plumbing fixtures. They should also be chosen with taste, following the created classic style of the room. Here are some tips for this:

· all plumbing fixtures should be snow-white light. It must have the correct forms, without unnecessary prominent corners and protruding nodes. Fittings, rims and handles of plumbing fixtures should have gold-, chrome-, or bronze finish;

· dark colours in the bathroom should be avoided. And if you decide to use dark things, combine them with other elements. If you want, you can create the resonance effect;

· we should also talk about the bath. It should stand on the legs, and, if money is not an object, should be made of natural stone. If not, the acryl will also look nice. Make sure that the acrylic bathtub fits into the overall picture of the room design.

Keep in mind our tips and you will easily create a classic design in your bathroom.


As you can see, a classic design of the bathroom is created by a long (CAREFUL) planning and selection of all components. It is better to spend more time searching for suitable items. Finally, you will be enjoying the results of your imagination each time you visit bathroom.