Currently the building materials market has a huge number of different coating materials for floor, wall and ceiling. Therefore, it is possible to choose them based on the style that you like the most.

Depending on your personal preferences it can be classic, minimalist, modern, high-tech or whatever. Some people prefer to do bathroom design in the ethnic style, for example Japanese, Chinese, Scandinavian.

While developing bathroom design it is better to stick to selected style throughout before starting the finishing works in the apartment or private home. We should be creative and show imagination and ingenuity in selection of both materials and accessories. There should be no room for random elements. The main thing is that they have to be from one range, done with taste and in a similar style.

That is why while developing a bathroom design you must carefully consider not only the overall design of the room, but also have to select home furnishings, sanitary ware, lighting and bathroom accessories.

It is important to furnish the bathroom. Even if it is small, it is necessary to equip the bathroom the most comfortably and make it practical. In this case, you need to actively use all sorts of lightweight hanging shelves. Cabinets made of various materials can be placed under a sink's countertop.

Main bathroom accessories include hooks, hangers, soap dishes and all kinds of kits and sets for toothbrushes, numerous kinds of towel holders, a variety of weightless shelves for cosmetics, cups with stand, etc.

In each case, bathroom design should be created taking into account the individual characteristics of the room.


Color spectrum choice for bathroom

Experts say that approximately 80% of information about the world a person perceives through eyesight. Entering any premises a person instantly captures its predominant colors. As you know, any color on a subconscious level has a certain influence on the person. The color scheme of the room can have an impact not only on the person's mood, but also on his health. Thus, bathroom color choice should be made responsibly.

It has long been observed that the prevalence of blue color has a calming effect on the person. The predominance of green tones makes the person more balanced, increases its efficiency. Yellow shades evoke the feeling of warmth, creating a cheerful and joyful mood.

Red color increases activity, but can quickly tire the person. Therefore, this color should be used carefully and you should apply only small red details of interior combined with natural tones.

The main color in the bathroom is created with floor and wall tiles. Decoration with light colors visually expands room, as well as tiles, placed on the floor diagonally. Dark and rich colors visually reduce space.

Methods of visual expansion of space in small bathrooms

It is preferable in small-sized bathrooms to use light colored glossy tiles reflecting the light like a mirror to expand the space.

It is better to use wall mount sanitary ware and furniture in a small bathroom. These creates a feeling of lightness. Those kind of interior objects seem lighter and slimmer.

It is recommended to place furniture and sanitary ware along the perimeter of the bathroom. Centre of the room must be free. It will give a feeling of spaciousness and order.

It is not recommended to put large objects in small bathrooms - they will just emphasize the lack of space.

The smaller the space of bathroom, the smaller tiles should be used.

As a finishing material for the ceiling in the small-sized bathroom, a good option is to use glossy suspended stretch ceiling, which will appear as a mirror - will reflect rays of light and consequently will increase the space. In addition, such a ceiling also helps to protect the room from accidental leaks, which are often become a cause of a renewal.


Lighting in the bathroom should be also selected responsibly. Bathroom should be one of the most illuminated rooms in our house. It is necessary to choose carefully the light sources, taking into account factors such as humidity, high temperature, harmful fumes evolved by detergents. It is recommended to select lamps that are resistant to temperature and corrosion of metal, which can withstand ingress of water and at the same time maintain the necessary brightness. Halogen lamps have exactly these kinds of qualities, plus they are also low on power consumption.

Wall lamps must also be installed in addition to main lighting. They should be placed the way that they will well illuminate the face when shaving or doing make-up.


Sanitary ware

Typical bath having size of 150x70 or 170x70 cm will be a good fit for standard bathrooms.

If the bath of standard size cannot the placed, you can install a large shower. Shower tray can be standard or lined with ceramic tiles. The minimum size of the shower should be at least 90x90 cm and the optimum is - 90x120 or 120x120. The empty space can be used for the washing machine and cabinets.

Depending on the style with which bathroom will be decorated, you can use brass, chrome or bronze mixer taps. Sanitary ware should be harmonized with tile and décor.

Requirements to materials

Choosing the material for the ceiling in the bathroom must be remembered that its main qualities should be resistance to moisture. If you want bathroom to match the interior and to be not only stylish but also functional you should go for suspended stretch ceiling. Then it will be possible to conceal the wiring elements under it and the ventilation system. Ceilings, which are made from aluminum laths, are the best suited for the bathroom. They do not get wet and do not rust, are easy to install and easy to care for. Any dirt is eliminated with detergents without problems.

If you want to make a multilevel ceiling and install a built-in lighting then it is necessary to use a moisture resistant drywall.

Just thinking through all the details, it is possible to create a bathroom, which is nice and comfortable to spend time in.