Natural wood is beautiful, but not simple, being moody stuff that requires special care, and only tolerates being alongside self-contained metal, stone and ceramic features. Quite often, the interiors of country houses, cottages or summer cottages use wood for floors, walls and ceilings simultaneously, since the proximity of nature inspires the creation of a natural and organic atmosphere.

This article looks at some of the important details of the design of country kitchens, whose walls are covered with wood or wood panelling.

Features of kitchen design where we have wooden walls

  • Maintain neutrality

Since wood is a natural material and has a characteristic texture, fitting out a rural kitchen should not be done deliberately in a pretentious manner, but leaving it as simple as possible. As an example, the kitchen cabinet fronts are better chosen with a simple shape, almost without decor, and preferably in a neutral color. The top row of kitchen furniture can be designed as open shelves or hanging shelving units so that the wood grain of the walls is clearly visible.



  • Do not argue

As we have said, the design of a kitchen with the walls faced with wood, can incorporate metal elements, such appliances, worktops and lighting, as well as brick or stone, tiles, and glass. We need to reject artificial materials such as plastic, and garish non-natural colours, as they will make the interior more urban in feel.


  • Use light

A room with a lot of wooden objects and surfaces can to some people feel almost claustrophobic, and dark in the evening even though comfortable. This is easily fixable if the space can be filled  with daylight and high-quality artificial lighting. That is why we recommend that such kitchens have mandatory installation of several light fittings on the ceiling, the working area and around the dinner table, so that the space is lit evenly.

In the living room perhaps we should not install lighting  with a cold white lamps, but also in such kitchens this is not necessary, especially if there is wood in the interior. A soft warm light with yellow undertones is the best option that can favorably underline the advantages of natural materials, its grain and colour.



It can happen that the usual furnishings of a country kitchen eventually become boring, and you may well be ready to completely replace the wooden panelling by more modern materials. We hasten to warn you that this is often not necessary, because in the first instance, wood will always be contemporary,and if you rush into something, you may later regret a hasty decision. In addition, dismantling wooden panelling is troublesome and time-consuming, and the purchase of new materials and work surfaces will take significant funds.

We advise you to delay the replacement of wood panelling, whether panels, timber, or boards, and simply paint the walls in a lighter shade. The most attractive and undeniably universal kitchen interiors use milky, white, cream, or light grey colour schemes. Staining the wood will also radically transform a kitchen, and the desire to fundamentally change something may completely disappear.



  • Accents

Fans of unusual combinations of colours and a variety of beautiful tones can safely use them in the design of a kitchen with wooden walls. But the selection of additional colours must be approached very carefully and deliberately. You can use any natural shade in combination with light wood to highlight a particular area, piece of furniture or even a section of the walls. But if there is dark wood in the kitchen, reject saturated colours in favour of azure, light scarlet, pale green, or pastel shades.



  • Decorate with moderation

A kitchen without the right decor does not look alive and lived in, but on the background of wood facing every accessory will look well. The walls are covered with clapboard or covered with boards, did not need richly decorated as many different subjects together with a picture of the material to be contrary to each other.

Glass and ceramic vase with fresh flowers, wrought iron lamps with stained glass, beautiful tableware, exposed on open shelves, clock dial graphic quality, water colors in thin frame - here is a small list of exemplary decorative additions that accurately take hold in the kitchen with wooden walls.

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