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It's no secret, at House of ENKI, we love our range of antique bronze. From kitchen and bathroom taps to showers this popular style is perfect for farmhouse or cottage style homes as well as those seeking a more classical style. It's slightly weathered colour is more subtle than chrome and gold, making a home look and feel more inviting. But how can you preserve this shine without harsh chemicals and abrasives? Find out how as part of House of ENKI's guides to eco-friendly cleaning. Missed one of our guides? Check out our  'How to'  guides on the blog for tips on how to clean chrome, maintain matte black surfaces, create an all-purpose cleaner and more.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Briggs | @Sarah64b

What Counts As Antique Bronze?

At House of ENKI, antique bronze is a bespoke finish over brass plating. This finish is finely applied through a process known as electroplating. This makes it easy for the colour of the bronze to be preserved, even when exposed to air and moisture.  If you are looking to preserve the metal's shiny, clean appearance, and avoid the green patina effect,  wipe the surface down with a smooth damp cloth after every use.

How Can I Give Antique Bronze Items A Deep Clean?

Simply maintaining a daily cleaning ritual, should prevent the immediate build-up of unwanted deposits on your antique bronze fixtures. However, should you need to be more immersive, you can easily use an all-natural solution. We have two recommended methods for you to try, both of which use natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen cupboards.

Method 1: Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

For this technique, you will require a bowl of warm water, lemon juice, baking soda, a soft cleaning pad/cloth that is non-abrasive, a towel and some rubber gloves.

  1. First, prepare your brass and remove any immediate dust or grime by rinsing it with warm water. Take care not to use any abrasive cloths or scrubbing brushes, as these can scratch the metal, damaging its overall look and structure.
  2.  Once washed, dry the brass thoroughly with the towel and set to the side on a clear surface such as a counter or worktop.
  3. In your bowl, measure out 2 tablespoons of baking soda and add a small amount of lemon juice, mixing it until this forms a paste. We recommend using a small amount of lemon to start with and only add more as necessary.
  4. Apply the paste to the brass, using your damp cleaning cloth. Use your rubber gloves to avoid skin irritation and gently rub the paste into the surface, creating an even lather coating. For the best results use small circular motions.
  5. Wait 20-30 minutes until the brass starts to return to a soft golden colour. You can use this time to browse over our website for more quality bathroom and kitchen products.
  6. Wash over the brass again, until the paste has been removed. Should some patina still remain, repeat the process, as desired.

Method 2: Vinegar, Flour & Salt

This method is similar to method 1, however, the paste is made from vinegar, flour and salt.

Prepare the paste by using even parts of salt and flour to some white wine vinegar. If the paste is the right consistency it should resemble toothpaste. Be certain to avoid direct contact with the skin.

  1. Rinse your brass in the warm water and dry thoroughly.
  2. Create the paste in your bowl using the ingredients above.
  3. Apply the paste to the brass, and use small circles to rub it in.
  4. Wait 20-30 minutes.
  5. Wash off the paste and dry.

You can also use lemon in this second method to leave your products smelling fresh afterwards. For best results, add in the vinegar slowly, to preserve the brass undercoating.

Tips: For smaller crevices and areas, you can apply the paste to your products using an old soft-bristled toothbrush. Don't have a spare cleaning cloth? Use an old white t-shirt as this will be gentle against the surface. By keeping your bronze clean regularly, you can maintain a natural and long-lasting lustre.

Photo Courtesy of Patsy Burrows | @_our_home_renovation_

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Do you have any top tips for a clean, shiny bathroom or are you a pro at keeping a showhome style kitchen? Or have any cleaning questions?  Let us know, in the comments section below.  At the House of Enki, we're here to help to design the luxury kitchen and bathrooms of your dreams.