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Spring is finally here, and with the warmer days fast upon us we know how lovely it is to invite friends and family to our homes and enjoy al-fresco dining in the sunshine or a delicious Sunday Roast. So why not give your kitchen and bathroom fixtures the same TLC by using organic and natural solutions. By using traditional remedies; and fewer plastics you can achieve a more natural sparkle and polish, that’s good for your home and good for the planet too. The following guide is one of a series from The House of ENKI, designed to tackle the most common household ailments, stains, discolouration and more.

Today we're going to talk on how to tackle your porcelain units and restore that beautiful white finish without chemicals.

Whilst bleach may whiten your units, the harsh abrasives and microfibres used can potentially weaken and damage units. Especially those which are cast iron, until the clay or ceramic exterior.  However, you can easily achieve long-lasting results with products already in your larder or kitchen cupboards.

When we first get a porcelain unit, it can seem like a dream. You found yourself lovingly looking over its celestial form as it was installed for the first time, from the box. The basin or tub shining like that of a film set, fresh, clean and unused. But despite our best efforts, life, dust, grime and even rust can occur.

From discarded razor blades to toothpaste stains, water damage and stuck pieces of soap, your china tub could use a little love. Let's treat it fast, using the most simple of household products, lemon and salt.

Step 1: Cut up your lemon. You can use one from your fruit bowl that is a bit bruised or old or buy one fresh. We used half a lemon, but it is possible to achieve the same results with smaller slices - if only a little more time-consuming.

Step Two: Coat the lemon with salt.  Using your chopping board, sprinkle on some salt and coat the lemon with it.

Step Three: Rub the dirty basin or tub with your lemon.  Run over those nooks, crannies and rust stains with your salted lemon.

Step 4: Let the mixture settle. You only need a few minutes. Take the time to browse our website for new products and inspiration or look over our other cleaning guides and blog posts. Then rinse it off using a damp cloth and some warm water. Your basin should look and smell great.

Top Tip: Combining lemon and ice can be a quick and easy way to remove grease and grime in the plug hole. You can also use it to buffer up taps, faucets and other fixtures including metal units.

Do you have any top tips for clean, shiny porcelain? Or have any cleaning questions?  Let us know, in the comments section below.  At the House of Enki, we're here to help to design the luxury kitchen and bathrooms of your dreams.