A shower head looks quite modest in your bathroom, humbly performing its duty. But if you give it a second thought, you will see that the role of an ordinary shower head cannot be overstated. It is used on a daily basis and once it’s broken, the ensuing discomfort is felt immediately. If your shower head has broken after all, there’s no need to be upset. Today, there is a broad range of shower heads on offer, with various features available. All you need to do is define your shower head selection criteria and choose a good-quality, usable and attractive item. It is also worth looking at different types of shower head are available on the market.

An ordinary shower head usually makes an integral component of shower equipment. Manufacturers tend to care both about its usability and design. Many renowned tapware vendors engage outstanding industrial designers in the making of their products. As a result, not only can you get a handy water sprayer, but also add a style-defining item to your bathroom space. And for the record, an ordinary shower head is no longer a mere water sprayer, it deserves an additional attention during its purchase. A modern shower head can provide a number of experiences, including the ability to adjust water pressure. You can indulge in tiny sprinkles or enjoy a “tropical shower” under a powerful water stream – the correctly chosen shower head can cater to any such whim. A modern shower head can even be equipped with illumination representing an original stylistic solution that completely transforms the look and feel of your bathroom by making it intimate, cheerful and novel. This can be achieved through special installation systems that make it possible to install a shower head wherever suits you. A shower head can be mounted on the wall, on the bath edge or on the wash basin, literally on any surface of its owner’s choice, as well as in its classic variation, inside a shower enclosure.

Choosing a shower head – look for the essentials


Untitled222You should first make up your mind on the way the shower head is going to be mounted – either on the wall or on the ceiling. Let me point out that you’re not looking to just replace your shower hose & head, but to do a major redecoration to a new standard of high-quality shower equipment. The new technical level of the shower installation will also make your shower look more attractive with the new shapes. The actual location of the shower head should mainly be determined by the method of its operation – either handheld or fixed. Its location and mounting type will also set the final design of the selected shower head, its shape and size in general. Besides, it affects the decoration and the feature set. The combination of these factors will ultimately determine the price range as well.

Often a purchase of a shower head is driven by a wish to buy something extraordinary, such as a waterfall shower – a powerful downpour of water. This could seem appealing, but such structure is often hard to install. Such waterfall showers are considered state of the art and are priced accordingly. Yet the costs are associated not only with the actual purchase of the shower set, but also with its installation. First, the installation of such shower is not a matter of a few hours - it is only feasible at the stage of bathroom building and top-to-bottom renovation. In this case, a shower enclosure might need to have a special trap, with additional piping across the walls and the ceiling. Many will want to conceal this cobweb of pipes, which is going to cost them thousands of pounds buying the required materials and hiring plumbers. Besides, these arrangements will lower the ceiling due to all the slabs concealing the pipes. It is worth mentioning that making grooves in the ceiling is forbidden, so the useful bathroom square footage will be reduced because of the additional pipes. An alternative to this waterfall would be a more high-tech and cost-effective option with as many pros. The recent favourites among the Europeans are eco shower heads, capable of conserving up to 50% of your water use.

Untitled22233A shower head is the most versatile piece of plumbing equipment. You can wrap numerous solutions around them, both original and unique. Still, the classic approach is in the greatest demand. It implies a shower head with a flexible hose attached to it that is mounted on the wall. Virtually any shower head can be mounted on the wall these days: this goes for both traditional shower heads with a flexible hose, fixed non-removable shower heads and shower kits with a slide bar – the most popular option today since it allows you to adjust the angle/height of the shower head. Often kits include a shower head attached to a hose, a set of nozzles and the fixed, non-removable overhead disc.

Today, manufacturers strive to make shower heads sophisticated in design by adding more comfort and usability to them. The latest achievements by European manufacturers include shower heads capable of spraying up to 90 jets while keeping the head diameter as small as 200 mm. However, if you fancy basking in a tropical waterfall each time you take a shower, you could find shower heads up to 500 mm in diameter. These powerful shower heads can be mounted both on the ceiling and on the wall. They are coming in trend as such heads are as much good for your health as they are visually appealing. They stimulate blood circulation, strengthen your muscles, improve your metabolism and provide massage therapy, thanks to the powerful jets of water, which help you lose weight and flush salts out of your body. A mild shower is also good for your health though – it helps you relax and calm down.

Untitled222334Apart from the traditional round shape, modern shower heads can be oval, rectangular, square or star shape of different dimensions. Operating fixed shower heads is effortless. You can adjust or fix the tilt angle of such shower head. This is done through adjusting the shower arm swivel. Such shower heads often feature flat, almost invisible discs which give you the illusion of the water hovering in the air.

Those who want to combine the advantages of a fixed shower with the comfort of a flexible hose can opt for slide bar systems. They are easy to install and will hardly cause you any trouble. They are also relatively cheap to repair.

When choosing a shower head, it is definitely worth paying attention to the material it is made of. Plastic and metal are materials universally adopted for making shower heads. They may look similar thanks to the chrome plating, but you will immediately feel the difference when you take them in your hands. Plastic heads are good enough and offered by major manufacturers, they may even perform as robustly as the metal heads. They are lightweight and can boast a diversity of shapes, unlike the metal shower heads. But they also have their flaws – the chrome plating often peels off of them more easily than of metal parts. Eventually the chrome plating on plastic shower heads may darken and lose its gloss. The peeled-off chrome layer does not look particularly attractive either. However, the internals of plastic shower heads are often made of metal, so they are quite durable. The best shower heads are made of stainless steel or brass. The latter ones are luxury models, often sold at ransom prices. Metal shower heads are much more durable, with their looks not affected by the prolonged operation and their chrome plating kept intact. The only disadvantage of metal shower heads is their heavy weight. If you accidentally drop this piece of metal, it may damage the bathtub enamel. However, this depends on the impact strength and the quality of the enamel, and in most cases, no significant harm is made.

What does a practical modern shower head look like?

Untitled22233455Like I said above, most shower heads fall into two categories – the traditional ones – either fixed or with a flexible hose – and the cutting-edge models, with a larger diameter and a whole bunch of features – these are difficult to install in a typical bathroom. Although having a spacious bathroom is not a requirement for purchasing an ultramodern shower head. You don’t necessarily have to install overpriced shower sets. You can treat yourself and your family to a multi-functional shower head with different showering modes or to an Eco shower, even if your bathroom is modest in size. A modern handheld shower head is a complex device that combines both novel technology and fresh design ideas. This device can help you adjust the spray mode in the way that best suits your mood. Shower heads usually utilise four spray modes. There are combinations of basic and advanced settings. The modes are switched using either a jet control dial, a small click lever on the head ring or a button on the handle.

Water sprays through tiny nozzles inside the shower head, with their axles tilting slightly, proportionate to their distance from the disc centre. This design increases the spray radius improving the shower experience.

Ideally, a modern shower head must feature several spray modes. Like I mentioned earlier, the soft, smooth water stream is perfect for relaxation and for washing your head, as the mild water jet is rich in air. The mixture of sprinkles and air bubbles cause a positive effect on your scalp and hair.

One of the popular combined shower head modes is the combination spray mode. This mode is favoured by many because it provides a combination of regular and mild jets. The mild jet gets well aerated as it exists the nozzle, resulting in numerous wet bubbles. The foamy stream of this kind is akin to bubbly wine rising over the rim of the glass. Another popular mode is a combination of a straight stream and a spinning spray.

Shower head manufacturers are looking to satisfy their customers by implementing their own unique ideas. I can mention one such model by a British manufacturer. It has this “water mist” feature. Water in this shower head gets split into tiniest sprinkles that add up to an exciting visual effect: the spray does not look like a water stream, but rather like a water cloud. This is an amazing feature for relaxation.

Another interesting option is a spinning shower head with four sprays at once. The sprays get activated one by one. Each spray functions in their individual mode allowing you to experience different sensations while taking a shower.

So, when you are choosing a shower head, pay attention to its level of functionality, usability and its design. An ordinary shower head is a key element of your bathroom’s design today. A shower head can actually decorate your room by enhancing some of its features.

You can also choose a special water saving option. The device that can help you conserve water is called an aquadimmer – it speeds up water in the stream but reduces its flow rate. Another way to stop wasting water is using an Ecojet. Just turn on the corresponding mode on the shower’s handle. The Eco mode shuts off certain nozzles, which reduces the flow rate by 50%. An aeration mode also helps you conserve water. It sucks air in through special tiny openings to aerate the water inside the shower head.