Despite of the fact that we all want to be surrounded by beautiful things, furniture, interiors, yet each house differs from one another. Every house has its own peculiarities and differences in design. This is because we all like different things, we do not have the same planning of the house, furniture and we have different tastes of course. It can influence the design of the shower enclosure.

In this article we want to reveal all the benefits of planning a bathroom with a shower enclosure made of glass. It is the case when planning and design of the shower enclosure depend on your preferences.

Planning a bathroom with a shower enclosure

The Classic style involves the usage of natural materials, framed mirrors, beautiful lighting, ceramic basins and baths. Bronze and gilding colors are often used in the color scheme. As a rule, such bathrooms have large areas, and their owners can afford the planning of a large shower enclosure.

The glass for such shower enclosure design can be made of transparent or tinted glass - bronze or graphite. "Stainless steel" finish is more preferable for accessories. As for mixer taps, showerheads, shower taps and glass fasteners - chrome finish is more preferable. It gives a very nice contrast between dark glass and bright accessories for glass.

Art Nouveau (modernist style) involves decorating a bathroom with tiles of contrasting colors, the absence of needless ornamentation and decorative elements. Planning a bathroom with a shower enclosure in this style requires a clear zoning of the room and, as a rule, a large number of mirrors, mostly without frames. There are many options of accessories for the design of a shower enclosure. As for the color of the glass – of course it is your choice, the only thing you should pay attention to is the fact that any kind of opaque glass visually reduces the area of a room, so if the bathroom is not large - it is better to choose the transparent glass.

Minimalism in Japanese style is characterized by bright shades of the walls, tile with wooden structure, bamboo, suspended sanitary items. The shower enclosure in the bathroom in oriental style is likely to be designed either from frosted glass or from transparent glass coated with sandblasted pattern. Sandblasted patterns on glass can repeat the pattern on the tile or fascia board, or it can be completely different one. As for the design of shower fittings, the square forms are used more commonly.

Country Style or ethnic style is really easy to recognize. These are bright floral patterns on the tile or frieze, quiet pastel tones of the walls without sharp contrasting transitions. Floral and ethnic design elements are used in framing mirrors design. Graceful delicate hinges and the fixing system should be used for planning the shower enclosure in such a bathroom.

There are no completely-closing mechanisms and it is very easy to use. You don’t need to apply any force to open the glass shower door. It is very important if the children use the shower cabin.

As a rule, transparent glass is used in such designs of shower cabins. If the walls of the bathroom are very light - it is recommended to choose an extra clear glass, because the ordinary glass can visually distort the color of the tiles.

Hi-tech Style. The ceramic tile is commonly used in the decoration of bathroom and shower walls. Indoors, the glass furniture is installed. The rectangular forms and the usage of spotlights predominate. Depending on the size and the design of the shower enclosure, we suggest the accessories of flat and rectangular design. The design of hinges and fittings for shower enclosures should be all very concise and functional. The planning of filler blocks of chrome color in these shower enclosures is mostly justified and completes the image of an ideal and stylish shower cabin.

The style of minimalism means the minimum of parts, maximum of space, clear simple straight lines. This style of shower design is ideal for small bathrooms. A shower cabin in this room should have smooth geometric shapes. If there is a bath in the room, and there is no place for planning the shower enclosure, the perfect solution can be a glass shower screen for a bath. It may be a stationary fixed barrier glass, or it can consist of several movable glass elements.


In conclusion, it should be noted that individual projects of showers enclosures are always more expensive than standard constructions. But only a custom design of a shower enclosure can take into account all the peculiarities of your room, it will fit in style and feature set.