Jennifer Fletcher is an interior styler, who has eagerly begun work on renovating her family home. Affectionally known as The Squiffy Mill, Jennifer's Instagram is documenting her ongoing renovation journey and the ups and downs of country life.  The family bathroom is light, spacious and filled with touches of individual personality throughout. Using the House of ENKI, helped her to come up with the perfect vanity unit, to centralise the design.

Today we discover her story about creating her dream bathroom and what advice and tips she would give to fellow renovators.

Image Courtesy of Jennifer Fletcher | @the.squiffy.mill

Jennifer explains:- 
"We were close to the finishing line of our major renovation work when we realised our existing family bathroom no longer lived up to the standard of the rest of our home and so we decided to give it a refresh sooner than we had initially planned. We came across House of Enki, admittedly by accident but we're very glad we found their product range. We struggled to find a vanity unit that was not too modern and sleek but not overly traditional or fussy as we live in a period home, but we're a modern, young (ish!) family. We found this vanity unit and basin and liked the fact it had a good amount of storage for toys, lotions and potions and the design was a good mix of modern and traditional. We went on to buy our taps from House of Enki too, they worked perfectly with the rest of the bathroom and the quality has been fantastic so I would recommend House of Enki to others."
Image Courtesy of Jennifer Fletcher | @the.squiffy.mill
Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your Instagram account?
I'm an interior stylist and home renovation project manager, my Instagram account documents my renovation work. I've been project managing for over a decade, largely in the corporate sector.
Is this your first home renovation?
This is my 4th home renovation, I've previously taken on a 1950's semi, a converted engine shed and a grade II listed cottage.
What inspires you to tackle big projects?
I love changing a home to make it look, work and flow better, its a fantastic sense of achievement and can really change people's lives. During my career in project management, my passion has always been problem-solving and working with people to make their environment better.
Image Courtesy of Jennifer Fletcher | @the.squiffy.mill
How long has this project taken?
Due to challenging planning constraints, it has taken over 3 years and we're not quite finished yet! The bathroom specifically only took us around 2 months, that included replastering, panelling and all plumbing work.
How does the whole family get involved?
My husband does all the DIY jobs I hate, I'm always a bit scared of power tools so he steps in. I think he's probably a bit scared of me with a power tool so this works well for us both! Our children do try to help, but it's quite a frightening sightseeing a 5 & 6-year-old running around with paintbrushes in their hands so it's closely supervised!
How long do you think it will take? What’s left on the To Dos?
Our bathroom is finished, we have a few more rooms to redecorate and I'm hoping we'll be finished by the end of summer.
What do you want to achieve from this?
A home that works for us and for future families, we're also thinking of using our house as a location home, so it's vital the finishes and decoration are to a fantastic standard.
Image Courtesy of Jennifer Fletcher | @the.squiffy.mill
Would you do it all again?
Yes, I love renovations which is why I do it for a living too!
What’s your favourite room in the house? Why?
Our bathroom truly is my favourite room, I love seeing our children play in the bath but it can also be such a relaxing and calm space to get away from it all
Who inspires you as a designer? Do you have any top recommendations?
Kate Watson-Smyth @madaboutthehouse, her balance of colour and light, her ability to design spaces that work with and enhance the features of a home really is so inspiring and she shares so much useful advice.
Who inspired your bathroom?
It wasn't really a case of who, I spent far too much time on Instagram and down rabbit holes on Pinterest searching out period and country homes. 
Image Courtesy of Jennifer Fletcher | @the.squiffy.mill
What made you choose the House of ENKI? How would you describe it to a friend?
I found House of Enki by accident, but very glad I did. Their product range is not only great quality but the designs are fantastic and our vanity unit and taps have been complimented a lot.
What advice would you give people taking on a renovation project?
Plan down to the smallest of details, even if you feel like you're getting ahead of yourself. The more decisions you can make about light fittings and placement, materials, colours, furniture, the easier the renovation process will be and the clearer your trades understanding will be of your requirements.
When you're working, what is your overall mantra?
Take time to consider and plan.
By doing this it can avoid costly mistakes of choosing finishes or furniture that is perhaps a passing fad and it can take time to think through what your individual style is and how your home will work best for you. Also, I find this gives better control of your budget and scope as it will be more considered, without panic purchases and taking time to find the right items for the right price.
Check out the amazing before and after here:

Images Courtesy of Jennifer Fletcher | @the.squiffy.mill

You can follow Jennifer's story on Instagram @the.squiffy.mill

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