Children learn about the world every minute, and often they do it by means of taste or tactile senses. Therefore it is important for the adults, responsible for the life and health of their kids, to provide them with the safe conditions in the house.

The kitchen, as one of the most specific and potentially harmful premises to the kids, should be furnished according to all rules, taking into account psychological and pedagogical nature of curiosity and inquisitiveness of children. That's what this article is about. It was written in order to teach parents to prevent any accidents in advance.

Sometimes it's so difficult to control several things at the same time, but that is how the most women upbringing a child during the first two or three years after its birth, spend their everyday lives. The process of cooking often occurs simultaneously with cleaning the rooms, washing and mending clothes, at the same time, the child, which has recently learned to walk, relentlessly follows the mother everywhere, exploring every area of her activities.

You can protect the children and yourself by using some precautions in the kitchen that may help you to save strength and nerves in the future

Safe furnishing of the kitchen


  • Keep children away from the stove

You have to do everything possible in order to limit the child's access to the cooking surface, lit hotplates and boiling liquids. It is enough for kids to stand on their toes and grab the handle of the pan to turn over its contents on themselves immediately.

Always turn the handles of pans to the wall, so that the child could not grab them.

An essential limiting tool in the area of stove is a protective screen or a barrier on the struts, which is installed along the outer edge of the stove and does not allow the child to touch the pan (tea-kettle).
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  • Isolate the dangerous sections

We believe that many of you, our dear readers, keep detergents in the lower kitchen cabinet under the sink, forgetting the fact that children, in this case, have an open access to hazardous liquids and poisonous powders.

In addition to the household chemicals, the child may find sharp objects, dangerous kitchen utensils, medicines and other stuff in the boxes. Therefore, it would be better if the cabinet doors and drawers are shut with the special blocking locks, which are firmly fixed on the surface and, in addition, protect the children's hands from clamping when opening and closing the storage section.
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  • Blockers for the household appliances

Household appliances, even the smallest, pose a threat to the child's health: these can be electric shocks from bare wires and sockets, falling of the device from the height of the working tabletop or cuts from the sharp elements inside it.

To avoid such troubles and undesirable consequences, the doors of appliances should be firmly shut and fixed with a special locker that can be used for the oven, microwave, and freezer.


  • Attention: gas

To prevent the child's accidental turning on the hotplate, it is necessary to use special protective covers on the handles, they are suitable for gas and electric appliances. Such plates are easy and fast to mount, and they make your stove largely more secure.

  • Restrict the access to the fridge

Today, you can find the locks for any household appliances and furniture in specialized building and hardware stores. For example, the child might not open the refrigerator and freezer without the knowledge of the adults, if you attach special flexible lock to its doors, consisting of two safety bindings, made of flexible strip of the safe plastic, which can be attached to the variety of surfaces, such as metal, plastic, glass.

In order to improve the security by the use of locks, they have to be installed on the considerable height


  • Store the kitchen appliances in the inaccessible places

Even when switched off, household appliances pose a danger for the kid, because many of them are equipped with the sharp knives, funnels (blender, kitchen machine) and other elements, with which are easy to hurt oneself. We recommend arranging a separate area for the storage of the small kitchen appliances, always at an altitude of the average human height. A pantry with the reliable design of the shelves becomes the best option for this goal.

It's important:

After using the device, for example, a kitchen machine, all its parts should be put up and taken away as far as possible from the reach of the children's hands. Besides, you cannot allow that the cords of the appliances are freely hung from the edge of the tabletop, because a child can accidentally pull them a little bit stronger than usual, and to drop the heavy object.

When the child appears in the house, you may have to sacrifice the beauty for the sake of the safety of the kitchen facilities. However, there is no aesthetics worth the children's tears caused by the negligence of parents. Be careful and equip the interior with care for your dearest ones.