The most efficient methods of removing clogging from the plumbing

  1. Method One: plunger
  2. Method Two: household chemicals
  3. Method Three: syphon disassembling
  4. Method Four: use of a cable drain cleaner
  5. Prevention rather than fighting the outcome
  6. Conclusion

All the people sooner or later face the problem of clogging in the washbasin/sink pipes.


Picture: clogging leads to slowing down the drain essentially

This happens because of several reasons:

  • Absence of filter mesh in the basin;
  • Litter such as hairs, pieces of soap, fat and food remains;
  • Negligent use of sanitary ware,

So what do we do if the kitchen sink or bathroom washbasin gets clogged? We’ll try to give a detailed answer to that question important to many people.


The most efficient methods of removing clogging from the plumbing

If such a clogging is sudden you have to solve the problem immediately without delays. You may apply all of the below described methods, but if clogging is small you will do with one of them.

Method One: plunger


Cleaning with a plunger

Plunger is a rubber cup with a handle that should be kept in every household. The given sanitary ware will cope with small clogging in the pipe – food remains, soap and other litter. Usually such matter accumulates in the syphon, which is bent and otherwise called sink elbow.

When using plunger the water starts moving in the pipe and that disrupts accumulation of litter, which is eliminated in the process and drained down the sewage. After that you can use your kitchen sink or bathroom washbasin without trouble.

If this method did not give any efficient result, the problem is a bit more serious, especially if it concerns the kitchen sink. Fats may act as cohesive agents and small fibrous elements make the one-piece lump, which is to be removed with other methods.

Method Two: household chemicals


Kinds of household chemicals

Go to any supply store and you will see wide range of goods for cleaning pipes, and washbasins from dirt without hurting the family budget. Any of these goods may cope with the problem of accumulated fat in the syphon or the pipe itself.

Cleaning agent is better be poured into the drain or the basin and left over night. In the morning you will evaluate its efficiency. If the agent will not be able to cope with the clogging for the first time, repeat the procedure. If it gives little result again, use more radical method to get rid of the clogging.


Natural remedy

One more method of dissolving the clogging is use of natural remedy, such as concentrated vinegar and sodium carbonate.

What you need:

  • Sprinkle 200 – 250 g. of baking soda into the drain;
  • Pour over with 1 bottle of 70% vinegar acid;
  • In several hours wash with hot water.

Such a method of cleaning basins goes back to the days of our grandparents when the range of cleaning products was not as wide as now.

Hint: the given cleaning agents should be applied as preventive measures, not when you fully face the problem. This will prevent formation of clogging in advance.

Method Three: syphon disassembling


  1. Place some container under the syphon.
  2. Unscrew the bottom of the syphon and wait for the water to drain.
  3. Clean the syphon.
  4. To waterproof the syphon apply some silicone over thread.
  5. Spread silicone carefully over the whole of thread.
  6. Screw back the bottom of the syphon.

Step by step instructions with pictures

If household chemicals and plunger did not help, try dismounting the syphon.

You need to do the following:

  • Put a bucket under the syphon and unscrew it taking the elbow off where the dirt is clogged;
  • Remove the litter, wash the syphon with hot water and treat it with grease remover;
  • If it is the syphon with corrugated pipe you need to wash every corrugation of this part, either having taken the part off or doing the cleaning on the spot;
  • Assemble everything again and check the result of your actions.

If the situation has not improved even after all these attempts and water still refuses to drain, come over to the fourth and the last cleaning method.


It is easy to do cleaning by yourself if the device is plastic, however, with the old cast-iron pipes the situation is different. The majority of them is solid, which complicates the task.


Method Four: use of a cable drain cleaner


Cable drain cleaner

If none of the above methods gave any results and your sink is still clogged, how to solve the problem? In such a case it is evident that accumulation of litter happened further along the pipe, not in the syphon.

That means you will have to clean the whole drain mechanically. To do this you will need cable drain cleaner with handle that can be bought in any supply shop.


Cleaning the sewage with cable drain cleaner

Step by step instructions for using cable drain cleaner to clean pipes:

  • With careful movements the cable is pushed inside the pipe in direction of the supposed clogging;
  • While you enter the cable drain cleaner you should rotate the handle around itself;
  • When you are sure the cable found clog in the pipe, you have to push it forth and back to disrupt the clogging.

Hint: do all these actions carefully not to damage the pipes especially if they are old or were changed long time ago.

  • Having removed the clog, take the cable drain cleaner out and wash it with water;
  • Pour hot alkaline mixture into the drain to remove the residuals of fat and other litter.


Prevention rather than fighting the outcome

All the above-described methods are good but why allow this problem to happen? Won’t it be better to take preventive measures instead?

What you need to know:

  1. To prevent the clogging it is better to dispose food and fat remains into the toilet bowl;
  2. Put a filter mesh either from metal or plastic over the drain, which will reduce getting of particles into the pipe down to 50%;
  3. When changing plumbing, choose pipes made from modern materials such as plastic or PPR. They are reliable and not prone to corrosion, which is also a big advantage.


Clean drainage without clogging


We tried telling you about the most efficient methods of cleaning the pipes, which will easily help remove the clogging. Also you may watch the video and find out some peculiarities of the process. Take preventive measures for the drain pipe and this problem will never trouble you again.