When planning a bathroom interior, we focus not only on the convenience and on functionality of the proposed solutions for this. We also are interested in the beauty and originality of the things around us.

To execute our desires designers offer a draft layout of bathroom where custom showers are beautifully presented. For example a large size bathroom with a bath, benches and shelfs inside the shower, round with sliding doors and splayed with irregular shapes.

This is a non-standard shower. It is beautiful and original but can be daring designs created by designers’ imagination implemented in real life and what it takes? In this article, we will try to answer this question and give the practical advice.

Shower cabins for mansard

One of the brightest examples of non-standard shower can be an asymmetrical glass construction, which is set in the mansard. The ceilings here have a slope, and it is impossible to install a glass in true rectangle shape. As you can see in the picture, this project is quite feasible but you cannot do it without fittings for customized solutions.


Non-standard shower enclosures for sauna

Showers cabins in the saunas are usually located in the basement, where a varying width of the walls can complicate their installation. In this case, it is impossible to fix the glass to the wall at the angle of 90°. Connectors to the wall may have an arbitrary angle and the hinges that hold the adjacent glass may be regulated in the desired zero position.


Curved shower enclosures

Curved showers enclosures are very beautiful. The rounded shape of the glass construction looks impressive and at the same time gives some coziness to your room. This type of cabin can be made from curved glass. Custom shower enclosure needs to be discussed with the project designer in order to choose the best solution for the installation of such a design because there are some of the nuances that are important and that are necessary to take into account.

Not all the fittings are suitable for curved glass. Also, curved glass can be made with only a certain radius. This should be taken into account during the development of the non-standard shower enclosure project.

During manufacturing of a curved glass, sheet glass is heated and bent but this is not enough to make it safe. Previously curved glass cannot be hardened. It is unsafe to use not hardened glass for the manufacturing of shower cabin.

When using triplex glass there is need to take into account the thickness of the finished glass panel as silicone sealants which provide structure tightness are produced only for certain thicknesses of glass.


Shower enclosure with a partition

Another type of non-standard showers is showers that are mounted in the presence of partition typically 1000 mm of height. Connectors or hinges glass-glass -top and wall-glass –bottom are used to fix the door or the glass. Depending on the design, fixed glass can be mounted on the edge or be installed in the middle of partition.

Before completion of the tile work, it is highly recommended to consult with the fitter of shower enclosure, as in some cases it is necessary to mount in the tile a special holder for the sealing profile.

Adjustable angles of shower enclosure

In some cases, due to the peculiarities of the room’s layout it is impossible to sustain the standard angle of glass fastening - the solution in this case is to use the fasteners and hinges with adjustable angle of fixation of the glass. Fastening of the stationary glass to the wall are possible at an acute angle from 60° to 100°, angle from 100° to 140°, the connection of two fixed glasses is possible at an angle of 80° to 130°.

There are many options regarding the hinges for the glass.