Here is a selection of the best changes that were made in the presentation of different rooms. Perhaps some of them will contribute to a desire to implement change in your home, and will lead to a rapid conclusion and unexpected results. So, we present six examples of how ordinary rooms can be beautiful, functional and incredibly stylish.

Before and after: the best examples

  • Example 1

Today's review of successful transformations begins with a bathroom interior, which perhaps at first glance, seemed quite harmonious. Clean, functional and comfortable, but with no style, nor anything special about this bathroom, no memorable features


The same bathroom, but now so much lighter, due to the widespread use of different shades of white. The dark blue ceiling here looks organic, as well as the contrasting black accessories, which make the interior a little audacious, and therefore more interesting. It’s finished off with stylish ambience from a large round mirror and shower curtain with a geometric pattern. To perfection, as we know, there is no limit.


  • Example 2

This idea is for those who have been redecorating, but for whom the means to purchase new furniture has pretty much gone. Take a look at this old sofa with worn-out upholstery. Maybe we’d just like to get rid of it, but if there’s a need to economise, it nevertheless can still be given a second life.


Unless you are yourself able to re-upholster old furniture, place the sofa in the hands of an expert at a furniture workshop. They can not only completely replace the fabric, but will replace the stuffing, and also correct minor damage to the furniture itself. As a result, you'll save money and get a whole new item to finish off your room.


  • Example 3

We like the idea of a slate wall, if this is present in a kitchen or child’s room. But it’s not fitting for a bedroom where the design is not appropriate, and it just looks like a black wall, in this case gloomy and depressing. Even a mirrored door to the wardrobe does not save it, but only exacerbates the situation.


The householders decided to paint the dark bedroom wall in a light shade, which is repeated on the remaining walls. This technique helped increase the visual space, a feeling of lightness and purity. Also, the mirrored areas were somewhat modified: curved decor was added to their surfaces.


  • Example 4

The previous kitchen interior had not been thought through carefully, so that the householders felt a sense of freedom. The kitchen furniture positioned in a perpendicular manner cut up the space and made it impossible to use the full potential of the premises.


The renovated room was almost not recognizable, first of all because the previous primary colors became a pleasant milky color in combination with golden wood accents.

The kitchen furniture is now positioned in two lines, and at the end of the room, a separate dining area by the window has been created


  • Example 5

We would probably all agree that a monotonous colour scheme can negate all attempts to create an original and stylish interior. This is especially evident when the room lacks any decorating flourishes, and the correct size for items of furniture was not chosen.


The bathroom remained the same light premises, but due to mixing different textures and patterns - brickwork tiles and marble patterning on the floor, ceramics and wood - it now looks incredibly stylish, unique and balanced. Last but not least, the designer has opted for a contrasting black chest of drawers under the sink top.


  • Example 6

We now go to the bedroom - a place that should be noted for its especial atmosphere of comfort and aesthetics. However, this is not what we see in the room shown in the photo below, because it simply is nothing.


After minor changes, the bedroom was revived and displayed its own charm, fine image and style. Instead of wall-to-wall carpeting on the floor there’s now warm wood, and the walls and ceiling are painted in a single milky shade. The decor is supplemented by copper accessories, and at the centre of the composition stands a bed with a metal frame in black.

Summarizing all we’ve seen above, we can conclude that some of the most successful interiors are those that combine bright tonality, natural materials and the lack of any frills. We believe that these examples will inspire you to create a new environment easily for yourself. Good luck!