Way of life of a contemporary city dweller presupposes high strain on the nerves, necessity of immediate decision-making, fast moving from one location point to the other.

To restore life energy any person needs a place to recharge the batteries and refresh oneself.

Such a task is mainly laid on the dwelling place.

Hi-Tech style, not so long ago popular in the interior choices, lost its appeal and stepped down to new solutions allowing creation of genuinely cosy and warm atmosphere.

People started longing for nature motifs. One of the most popular interior solutions is the stone finishing.

It is the most frequently used in kitchen designs, as the kitchen is not only the place where people cook but also the place of gathering with relatives and friends.


Kitchen interior finished with faux stone

Natural stone properties

As it is known from the history of design, the initial material used in kitchen design was a crude stone – either marble or granite.

These are the materials of contemporary design as well.

Marble is used for manufacturing countertops for dining tables, washbasins, for creating decorative wall panels in the areas free from cooking process.


Kitchen interior finished with faux stone

It is not suitable for manufacturing splash backs, as the marble is difficult to take care of and requires delicate handling.

In those areas where such a material is unsuitable but for which stone finish is highly desirable it is successfully replaced by granite.

It is less demanding in handling and can be cleaned by more aggressive detergents and abrasive sponges (excluding wire brushes).

Limestone, onyx, slate, travertine are also used for finishing and decorative works. 


Kitchen interior finished with faux stone

Kitchen floors made from natural stone look fabulous but are pretty cold that is why you will need an underfloor heating installed.

Natural stone is good for kitchen interior for several reasons:

  • Long lasting service period.
  • High durability.
  • Rich and beautiful look.
  • Resistance to temperature drop.
  • Environment friendly material.

Faux stone as an overall solution

Not everyone has the possibility or desire to spend quite a big sum of money on decorating their kitchen with natural stone, so the manufacturers saw to it and offered a nice solution.

Faux stone finishing, which visually not so much differs from the product of natural material, quickly gained popularity among the customers.

Faux stone is manufactured from high quality cement and sand with the silicone base.


Kitchen interior finished with faux stone

Due to the artificial origin, its price is lower in comparison with its natural counterpart. Despite their almost the same durability faux stone is much more practical.

Faux stone sets your fantasy free as it offers variety of colour solutions.

Combination of multiple advantages make it possible to decorate the kitchen interior in different variants.


Kitchen interior finished with faux stone

It is easy to work with faux stone.

Without any difficulties, it glues to any surface so it can be used in decorating entrance arches or areas directly related to cooking process.

It can be used to make emphasis on special kitchen areas or for decoration of bar counter:

you can make your own home lounge bar by adding clever lighting to create the right atmosphere and set the mood.


Faux stone at the kitchen

You can also cover the floor with stone imitation – special tiles of good durability and wearing quality are used for that.

This kind of floor is easy to take care of.

Faux stone in the kitchen interior simultaneously fulfils three tasks:

  1. economy,
  2. aesthetics,

The main characteristics, which made the material highly popular, are as follows:

  • Period of service exceeds 10 years.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Good wearing quality.
  • Variety of colours and patterns, aesthetics.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easiness in taking care of the product.
  • Environment friendly material.

Comparison of natural and faux stone

Crude stone has a doubtless advantage because of its exclusiveness.

Pattern on one natural stone will never be repeated on the other stone.

Natural stone emanates the energy, which envelopes the house creating unique special atmosphere in it.

Decorative properties of the natural stone are of quite a wide range: it is used not only as the finishing material, it is also used for manufacturing furniture elements (tables) and interior elements (benches, plinths, window sill).


Kitchen interior finished with faux stone

Faux stone reproduces the natural motifs of crude stone.

The essential disadvantage of it is that faux stone is not unique in its nature. This product is produced on the assembly lines and is affordable to anyone.

Fashion and tastes of people constantly change, so no one would probably like to live in stone surrounding always.


Faux stone in the kitchen

That is why lack of exclusiveness is well compensated with the low prime cost.

You will be able to change the concept of kitchen interior any moment.

While comparing two main characteristics of two kinds of material, we may find many similar qualities:

  • both the materials have high impact resistance and resistance to abrupt temperature drops;
  • good wear quality;
  • both the materials are environment friendly;
  • highly aesthetic;
  • both natural and faux stone demonstrate a decent period of service.


Kitchen interior finished with faux stone

The main differences of the faux stone from the natural one are:

  • lower cost;
  • absence of special natural energy and unique pattern;
  • simplicity of handling while creating interiors;
  • easy to take care of.


Kitchen interior finished with faux stone

Variety of finish materials makes it difficult to choose the right one for the people who are not familiar with the details of finishing works.

People are in their right to choose what touches their soul and is up to their likings.


Kitchen interior finished with faux stone

Choice in favour of stone finish is for those who want to fill their living space with natural motifs, which saturate home atmosphere with a special heart-warming cosiness.


Faux stone in the kitchen

It does not matter whether you use natural or faux stone. The result will be strikingly impressive anyway.