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Today, we spoke to Natasha Chambers from Project Twenty Seven, who has been refurbishing her home with her partner Harry. A couple with a diverse range of interior and personal inspirations, the bathroom is a modish black backdrop, with touches of chrome and luxury finishes, brought to life with the elegant Plaza square waterfall basin mixer tap - matte black.

Photo courtesy of @project_twentyseven

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your Instagram account?

My partner Harry and I are first time buyers and our house was a complete renovation. It took us 7 months in total to complete the renovation which is pretty good going considering we set ourselves 2-3 years to finish. We decided to do our Instagram account as we had used Instagram and Pinterest to help us with inspiration for our house and how we decorated. We wanted to share what we had created with other people and hopefully be an influence towards people looking to renovating or decorating their house.

Is this your first home renovation?

Yes, this is our first and probably won’t be our last. Harry is extremely keen on renovating other properties in the future. I am also keen to get stuck into interior design and allow my creativity to show in other projects.


What inspires you to tackle big projects?

I think the end result is a big inspiration. We follow a lot of big home accounts on Instagram and seeing how their renovations and projects turned out really helped us in making the decision to take on this HUGE project. We had a vision of how we wanted our home to be and we have achieved that.

Photo courtesy of @project_twentyseven

How long has this project taken?

Only 7 months for the renovation, but the mortgage took 5 months to go through. So - from viewing the house to living in it, it took 12 months.

How does the whole family get involved?

Between the two of us, we have 3 dads' and 3 mums' as I have a step mum and stepdad and every step of the way they were there to help us out. From helping us with the actual renovation works like knocking walls down and plumping in sinks to gifting us with items that we would have struggled to get. We couldn’t have done this without them.

How long do you think it will take? What’s left on the To Dos?

The main thing we have left to do is the conservatory which we will eventually turn into an orangery but it’s quite a big job as the existing conservatory needs to be knocked down for us to start from scratch. We hope that by summer next year it will be complete. We also need a new garage door which we are saving up for now but other than that there isn’t anything left to do other than a few moving boxes that still need emptying.

Photo courtesy of @project_twentyseven

What do you want to achieve from this?

This is our first home and the first huge challenge we have faced together. There were so many obstacles we faced along the way but to be able to say at 24&26 we own this beautiful home that we have renovated to transform it into our vision is the biggest achievement we could have wished for.

Would you do it all again?

Although it was tough and took so long there isn’t anything I would change, as a couple and as a family we have grown so close so yes I would do it all again.

What’s your favourite room in the house? Why?

The lounge is probably my favourite room. We had been living with Harry’s parents for 18 months and pretty much lived in the bedroom so it’s the best feeling to be able to sit on our sofa with our feet up and watch the TV instead of sitting in bed being a sloth ?

Who inspires you as a designer? Do you have any top recommendations?

To be honest I have always loved interior design but was never that into it to know who designers were etc until we got the house. I recently watched a show on Netflix called ‘Stay Here’ that is about short term rental properties that are lacking whatever it may be and the interior designer on there has inspired me massively, she was fantastic and every decision she made excelled itself 100x over. Her name is Genevieve Gorder.

Photo courtesy of project_twentyseven

Who inspired your bathroom?

Harry and I are so indecisive and really struggle to come to an agreement. We had been trying to choose tiles for the ensuite for about 3 weeks until I exploded because everything I chose he hated and vice versa so in the end I said ‘go on Pinterest, find a bathroom you like and if I like it too we will try our best to match that’ and within hours we had made our decision ?

What made you choose the House of ENKI? How would you describe it to a friend?

We chose the House of ENKI as Harry is black obsessed! He knew from the get-go he wanted black taps and I didn’t have to be persuaded. I loved the idea, it’s original and modern. We googled until we couldn’t google anymore to find ‘matte black’ taps and House of ENKI was the only place that offered stylish matte black taps.
I would describe it is modern and fresh. It’s on trend but still offers that original feel.

What advice would you give people taking on a renovation project?

1. Be prepared for arguments!
2. Always stick together, never be against one another but still stand your ground individually if you’re really passionate about something.
2. Compromising is the key to building your dream home.
3. Remember why you started.
4. Enjoy every second and photograph at every opportunity.

When you're working, what is your overall mantra?

Expect nothing and appreciate everything.


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