1. Main types of mirrors
  2. Dimensions of the mirror
  3. Type of spatter and quality of the mirror
  4. Mirror's frame
  5. Mirror lightning
  6. Style of the mirror
  7. Functionality
  8. Manufacturers of the mirrors
  9. In conclusion

Which bathroom does without the mirror today? It has become not only a functional, but also a decorative element of every bathroom, as it can change the appearance of the premise significantly, expand the space and make it unique. But if you want the mirror to fit into the interior of the bathroom as much as possible, and to have all the necessary functional qualities, it would be important to pay attention to its choice.


The range of bathroom mirrors can impress even the experienced designer today. They are so different that everyone can find a suitable option in size, shape, and additional features. Although it is not entirely easy to classify them, we will try to divide them into several types.

Bathroom mirrors, divided by size, can be:

  • cosmetic that have average parameters and are designed for the cosmetic procedures;
  • magnifying and panoramic that have a much larger size, and serve not only for the cosmetic procedures, but also for the visual extension of the space.

As for the forms, you can find such mirrors on sale:

  • square and rectangular– a classic of the genre, it is the most popular option, which is now found in most of the bathrooms;
  • round and oval– it is also a fairly common option, which brings a certain highlight to the space;
  • mirrors of irregular shape and figured ones– the most unique and original, they can become a real highlight of the bathroom.

In terms of functionality, mirrors can be divided into:

  • combined with a certain piece of furniture, such as a locker or a shelf. This option perfectly suits the small bathrooms, where every square centimeter matters, and the multi-functional pieces of furniture are a real help;
  • freestanding mirrors, as the name implies, are not combined with the furniture and possess only one single function;
  • decorative mirrors are not intended for the cosmetic procedures. They are only needed to decorate the interior, visually increasing the space of it.

The range does not end in all this stuff, because the modern market offers heated mirrors, rotating, domed, portable models and a lot of other interesting solutions.


Today, a buyer can find the mirror of almost any shape and size. And even if the store offers you some unsuitable models, you can easily order the mirror with the required parameters. But before you make a purchase or an order, you must decide what dimensions the mirror should have. Unfortunately, the personal preferences are not of primary importance in this respect, but the size of the bathroom.


If the room cannot boast of a large area, then the mirror is sure to be placed over the washbasin. It is better if its width will not be more than the width of the washbasin, so it would be necessary to measure this parameter in advance. But if you opt for the round or the oval mirror, then there are no specific rules, but it's important for the mirror to look harmonious and fit the interior of the bathroom.

A wider choice is available for the owners of the spacious bathrooms, because they can choose a full-length mirror. Just do not forget that there must be some space in front of the mirror to allow the comfortable use of it.

It is better to allow a small error when measuring the bathroom parameters and deciding which mirror would be ideal. For example, the width should be 70-80 cm, and the length 60-70 cm, and then it will be much easier to find a suitable mirror in the store. If you are planning to make one of the walls in the bathroom completely mirrored, as you can significantly increase the space thanks to this, you will have to order the mirror.

Do not forget that the mirrored elements can be used in any bathroom. For example, you may replace several conventional tiles by the mirrored ones, and the space will be perceived in an entirely different way. You can install the mirror screen under the bathroom. With its help you will achieve a significant visual expansion of the space, but you will have to choose an impact resistant mirror, and to make sure that its reflection will be aesthetically pleasing from all sides.


The bathroom is the premise with the high humidity and temperature fluctuations. All the items in this room should endure such conditions well, and the mirror is not an exception. It should be moisture-resistant, and not to lose its reflective abilities with time. The main features of the mirrors are determined by the spattering type, which can be:

  • silver;
  • aluminum.

The mirror with silver spattering resists the influence of moisture well and is characterized by the better reflectivity than the aluminum coated mirrors. In addition, the silver spattering makes the glass more resistant to mechanical damage, and the reflection in it will be more distinct and clear. Truly saying, these mirrors are not cheap, as the expensive equipment and raw materials are used during their manufacturing, but it is still a preferred option for the bathroom.

Although the mirrors with aluminum coating cost much cheaper, but they will quickly mist over, and after some time they may lose a part of their reflectivity and thus you will have to look for the new bathroom mirror again.

Today there is a huge demand for the mirrors made of organic glass. It is a relatively new material, which is comparatively light, durable and safe. A distinctive feature of these mirrors is the ability to stick them to absolutely any surface by means of the double-sided tape. These products can have absolutely any shape; they are unbreakable and will become an excellent decoration of the bathroom. Today they are used as an addition to the main mirror: as a rule, there are several organic mirrors included, they can be stuck on the tiles in the bathroom in any order, embodying any ideas and adding a highlight to the room.

The mirror should have no chippings, cracks or any other defects at its surface. Scratches, bulges, bumps, bubbles are considered a defect, so it is better to abstain from the purchase of such mirrors. It doesn't hurt to look at the image, when choosing: it should not ruffle or jump. Furthermore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the back side. It should be smooth, flat, without chipping and damages. By the way, usually it has a green color.


The frame plays an important role in choosing the mirror for the bathroom. Since that's a room with the high humidity, not every material fits it. Frames, made of such materials as stainless steel, plastic, chrome-plated metal would be ideal for the bathroom. You can even select the mirror without a frame: this option fits the most interior styles.

As for the wood, it is known to be very susceptible to the negative impact of moisture. Ordinary chipboard doesn't fit the bathroom, but the natural wood, finished with a special solution or water-resistant chipboard may be used. In addition, the mirror can be combined with a locker, the material of which must also be resistant to moisture.


Mirror lightning is a necessary thing, which can make your cosmetic procedures more comfortable and convenient. It should well illuminate the mirror itself and face of the person looking in the mirror, without distorting the image. You should place the light fixtures in such a way that you do not obstruct them when looking in the mirror. Definitely, the lamps on the sides and on top of the mirror are the best option, their style should be chosen depending on the design of the room. You can organize the lightning around the perimeter of the mirror, and then you will have the original frame.

If the mirror is combined with a locker, the lightning will play another additional feature – illumination of its content, and it will be easier to find the desired item. Moreover, such lamps can even be embedded into the locker. The mirrors with lighting became popular today: they allow the most correct illumination of your face and become a stylish addition to the bathroom.

The mirrors with lighting, which can be switched on and off thanks to one movement of the hand, are already on sale. A sensor switch is placed in the particular mirror's area: it's enough to pass your hand near it, and the lighting will turn on or off. In the bathroom, when the hands are often wet, it is very convenient.



When choosing the mirror, you should focus on the overall style of the bathroom, so that it blends harmoniously with the space. Thus, different styles require different approaches to the choice of the mirror:

  • classic style provides the presence of the lush frames, traditional forms of the mirror (oval or rectangular), sconces around for illumination. You may not use the frame and choose the mirror with the pattern along the contour;
  • styles of Provence and country can be completed with the simple wooden frame, and there should be created a feeling that the mirror and frame are homemade. The frame can have some the elements of forging or mosaic, but if the room has too many small details, it is best to stop at the very simple frame. The round or oval mirrors would fit such a style perfectly, but the corners should be avoided, even if the mirror is rectangular, you can select a frame with rounded corners;
  • the mirrors of strict rectangular shapes would perfectly fit the modern interior styles (modern, hi-tech and minimalism). You can choose an option without a frame, if the room is small, or use the most simple one-color frame. You can choose the mirror, part of which will have the enlarging properties: it is convenient, because you can view small details, and a futuristic note will be brought to the design of the room.


A mirror can be more than just a reflective surface in the bathroom, when added by a bunch of other useful features:

  • heating, due to which the mirror will never weep, even if the temperature and humidity in the bathroom are high. But if you do not want to spend money on this function, there is an alternative to wipe the mirror with a solution for the car mirrors, and the surface will not weep for some time;
  • built-in magnifying mirror, due to which it is easier to apply the makeup or to shave;
  • the most advanced are mirrors, equipped with such features as a hidden monitor, which allows you to view the videos in the mirror; Wi-Fi connection with the phone, thanks to which you can stream music, etc.

Do not forget that the mirror can be combined with a locker or a shelf, and then the space could be used more functionally, which is important for the small bathrooms. Manufacturers now offer very stylish combination options, which will become a real highlight of the interior.


Selecting the perfect mirror for the bathroom is not so easy, because you need to consider a lot of factors: size, style, shape, functionality, you must also notice all the possible defects or imperfections on the surface in time. Fortunately, the vast modern range will allow you to find the option that would fit the bill.