• 1 Design features
    • 1 Designer variants
    • 2 Advantages
    • 3 Dimensions
  • 2 Material for manufacture of mini washbasin
  • 3 Installation methods
    • 1 Wall-mount
    • 2 On stand
    • 3 Vanity unit
    • 4 Corner installation
  • 4 Hints on choice
  • 5 Conclusion

Even in the smallest bathroom the maximum number of sanitary ware we need can be installed if one of them is a modern mini washbasin, which guarantees comfort and hygiene. This space saving washbasin is in no way inferior to its bulky counterparts in functions.

It is necessary to observe rule of hygiene and wash hands after toilet that is why mini washbasins are very popular contemporary sanitary ware. Moreover, miniature size of such washbasins will charm the whole family.


Universality of this designer novelty is in purposeful use of space.

Design features

Just as standard washbasins their miniature counterparts are divided into 2 categories:

  • wall-mount products are in the biggest assortment;
  • corner washbasins for lavatory and bathroom will save space even more efficiently.

Designer variants


Contemporary mini washbasins with vanity unit will surprise you with variety of configurations, colours and sizes.

  • Mini models may be wall-mounted, onset vessels, inset and with vanity unit.
  • Some models sometimes have no holes for mixer tap.
  • The market offers unusual design of ingenious basins, such as in the shape of a blotch, splashed droplet or of some intricate irregular shape.
  • Abundance of colours will surprise even the fussiest connoisseurs of style.
  • Some models are furnished with protection grills for drain and the holes are a part of ornament.


This ergonomic space-saving and stylish sanitary ware has the following beneficial characteristics:

  • small size of construction (up to half a metre in diameter);
  • stylish design;
  • forethought engineer innovations.

Thus, the maximum functionality is successfully combined with small form.



Installation chart of wall-mount unit.

Sizes of mini basins allow their installation and comfortable use even in the smallest lavatory.

Let us specify dimensions of such washbasins:

  • width 30-55 cm;
  • depth — 25-55 cm.


The best selling model is washbasin with such optimum dimension: length 45 cm but different widths starting from 18 cm.

This consumer demand is easily explained as this washbasin occupies little space, makes cleaning easy and does not disrupt interior style.

Ergonomic mini basins of 23 cm for lavatories are of special demand. Apt shape prevents splashing of water and is very convenient as the hands do not touch the small basin.


Installation of corner mini washbasin

Material for manufacture of mini washbasin

In big sanitary ware shops you may witness parade of expensive mini washbasins produced from natural stone and more economical variants manufactures from modern composite materials, unique models made from elegant glass or gorgeous non-ferrous metals such as copper or bronze. It is clear that they all cost differently, however, we are still going to choose a model for lavatory design.


Washbasin produced from high-technology tempered glass

  • Glass shows high durability and variety of samples, such as smooth or ribbed, transparent or coloured, ornamented or plain, with matt or transparent structure. Unfortunately, hard water makes scale on the glass and if its surface is smooth and transparent it is visible even more brightly.


Traditional ceramics remains popular due to its unrivalled attributes.

  • Ceramics is durable and reliable. Such a washbasin is easy in cleaning as its glaze resists dirt. Heaviness of the material in such a small product simply goes without any notice.
  • Composite materials. Contemporary manufacturers offer basins produced from artificial stone composed of 80% of chips of quartz or granite and 20% of polymer. Such washbasins are durable, comfortable in use, efficient due to coloured pigment in them and are easy to clean.
  • Natural stone. Basins from this material are more often that not produced on special order. It is not easy to take care of them as they absorb smells and change colour from various pigments. Moreover, it is risky to do the DIY installation of such washbasins.


Beautiful and rich pattern of a stone will beneficially emphasise the high-class interior.


  • Copper or bronze. Miniature basin produced from non-ferrous metals is an excellent ornament of the lavatory but complicated care often makes us forgo buying it as scratches seem to appear out of nowhere and oxidation leaves green stains.

Installation methods


Diagram of connecting sanitary wary to sewerage system

Instruction attached to the given product gives us direct instructions pertaining to its mounting depending on the type of product. Such washbasins are easy to install since drainage as well as water outlet are located nearby.

Wall-mount washbasin


Wall-mount washbasin is the most ergonomic variant.

  • If a model weighs considerably, the set is furnished with wall bracket to support it.
  • Pleasant bonus: functionality, technological perfection and aesthetic look (all the hoses and pipes are packed into the elegant form of the model).
  • It does not hinder cleaning process.

On stand washbasin


Sanitary ware on the so-to-say pedestal – narrow stand – looks very interesting.

  • The given model is installed adjacent to the wall.
  • Save such a washbasin from overload as the thin stand might break.
  • In this kind of basins all the plumbing is also hidden in the stand.

Vanity unit


Comfortable mini washbasin with vanity for toilet.

Vanity will house not only hidden syphon and plumbing but toilet paper, cleaning detergents as well and even small instantaneous water heater. Such vanity units are also furnished with special shelves.

Corner installation


Corner model.

Nowadays corner washbasins are of great popularity:

  • they are extrememly space-saving;
  • these basins do not obstruct the way;
  • they harmoniously fit the interior.

Hints on choice

Peculiarities of choice:

  • take measure for future basin to fit it in the space intended;
  • for rectangular lavatories corner basins are the best choice;
  • define the exact type of desired washbasin;
  • buy low sitting mixer tap with short spout;
  • study quality of material the basin is produced from and its parts in the set.


For attaching hygienic shower the set of mini washbasin should comprise necessary coupling parts.


Laconic model with a towel holder.


Rationality of engineering solutions and contemporary design contribute to efficient use of space in the given room.

  • Nowadays wall-mount sanitary ware is popular as it visually broadens the space and makes cleaning easy.
  • Narrow washbasins have the widest range of variety whereas the main advantage of their corner counterparts is the most efficient space saving.
  • According to installation methods these tiny basins can be categorised as wall-mount, onset or inset but it is your personal preferences that will determine your final choice.
  • Such exotic materials as onyx, granite or marble require a proper intensive care whereas popularity of products made from porcelain and ceramics is provided by their impeccable look, functionality and easy maintenance.

Any of the listed above washbasins are convenient, functional and will make your life comfortable.