Secret ways to make your lives easier, to find the proper place for every thing and to surprise guests at the same time.

There are three things that strike my imagination: the sky with stars above our heads, the moral law inside us, and the sliding step for the baby in the bathroom. It is amazing why these thoughts did not appear in my head much earlier!

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  1. A sliding step (it is a box with a well-fixed bottom, inserted "upside down" into the slots) will help your children to reach the basin easily. You do not need any extra chairs, which block the room. When the children grow up, you will just receive another box for storage.

The design and the shape of the box, as we can see, do not depend on the type of the cabinet under the sink: it is possible to pull out and turn the heavy bottom drawer; you can use the ground (by analogy with a bottom drawer for a kitchen unit).

  1. By the way, the bottom drawer is ideal to add (and immediately sort) the dirty laundry.

A single idea from the world: How to organize the storage in the bathroom?
4If you are too lazy to bend, the laundry baskets are recommend to be installed on the facade of the folding box under the sink – the manufacturers of "ready-made" solutions for the bathroom do this in the majority of cases. It is very easy to buy the baskets separately in the stores, and it is the matter of fittings replacement to change the pivoted sashes on the hinges of the writing desks type.

  1. The sliding dryer is another sensible invention of mankind
  2. You will get an opportunity to see yourself from the side and from the back if the mirrors will be hang not only outside but also inside the cabinet (on the door and on the back wall). By the way, on the photo there is a cabinet with the TV panel, built-in the mirror.
  3. Another simple but useful device - a mobile mirror for make-up. You can find it on the inside surface of the door. In this case you don’t need to look for a place for it in the bathroom that is originally too small.
  4. If you close the corner with a mirror, the overview you will get not only more convenient, but also you will get the feeling that the bathroom grew unexpectedly and became lighter. It's all about reflections. The number of them increased to two.
  5. The mirror facades on the lower cabinets are not very suitable for shaving, but they dissolve the furniture in the room in a magic way. Your task is to work with spectacular reflections. The idea depicted on the photo is great.
  6. This piece of advice is not only for the bathroom. The curtains are the cheapest, simple and elegant way to save money designing the cabinet doors and at the same time to save the place for their opening. It looks very impressive but on condition that the cloth was chosen in a right way. You can change them capriciously.
  7. If there is not enough space in the cabinets, you can make a ‘fake’ tabletop by means of two corner shelves on the sides of the sink. Do not forget about the silicone sealant and yacht varnish (if the shelf is wooden).
  8. The rail, hooks and office paper clips will help to keep the tubes close at hand.
  9. Perhaps the most effective cure from claustrophobia in the toilet is the mural panorama. Any picture with a view removes the feeling of closed space in a small bathroom. In addition to that, it is easy to update them: today is metro ...

… tomorrow will be ancient lanes. The most important thing is to choose the horizontally oriented images: they extend the room visually in breadth, but they don’t add the height.

  1. One more simple technique to increase the space. If you extend the mirror and a cupboard under the sink, then a sense of perspective will appear.
  2. A towel holder in a nautical style can be made from half a meter of rope and three rings. This is your chance to turn them off in a nice and tidy way (those who constantly throw the heaps of towels and clothes over standard wall hooks will understand me).
  3. If you paint the riser pipe in a bright color, you will not have to sew them in a box and hide. Let them adorn the bathroom! At the same time you will improve Feng Shui.
  4. You have already decided to sew the pipes with plasterboard? Then leave a niche for a library. It has to offer benefits only. First of all, you will become a really smart person in this digital age. Second, it is much better than thrown around magazines.
  5. This is a piece of advice for those, who has just started to redecorate the bathroom. If there is no place for a bath or a shower cabin does not fit into the space, you can use a tray and a curtain. And you can do it without a tray, if you are ready to make a drain in the floor. In this case, the floor in the shower area is arranged at a slant, and the shower drain means a ladder or a drainage channel. But there is a drawback: since the tubes that outlets the water will be hidden under the floor, its level will rise at least for 15 cm.
  6. And two more ideas until you chose the plumbing. Suspended toilet has its own technical "disadvantages" and the "advantages". It is rarely said that it greatly simplifies the process of cleaning: it is easy to wash the floor under the bowl, and there is no need to wash the spill tank.
    And a glass shower enclosure, of course, adds more space to the bathroom, but you will have to clean the calcium traces of drops on them all the time.
  1. The round ledge of the shower curtain solves all (well, almost all) the problems with the spray, if you don’t have a shower enclosure. Or a separately standing bath, like the one on the following picture.
  2. It is a real fun to take a shower in a free-standing bath on the legs. The exit is a round cornice and two curtains: the inside one is waterproof, the external one is decorative.

If a shower curtain for you means polyethylene that sticks to the body, you should stop to think like that. And the faster you do it, the better! Go to the supermarket to the house products department; look through the online shopping sites: there are many modern models on sale made from the waterproof fabric. They are more expensive, but they also look nicer and last longer.

  1. A full-height mirror can be hang on the door with built-in shelves for cosmetics and household chemical goods. This design is just a 10 cm indent from the wall. The inside mirror is optional.
  2. The problem of non-standard bathrooms planning can be solved with the help of non-standard plumbing. Of course, in DIY store you can hardly see the sinks with wings, that can be suitable for you (they can be left-handed and right-handed), corner toilets and sinks. You should look for such models on the websites of reputable manufacturers of sanitary ware.
  3. It is not necessary to conduct the communications from the bathroom (hot water only there) in order to make a water dispenser in the toilet. You can use the mixer to a tank liner of water toilet for connection. Just fork it with a tee. You will have to wash your hands with cold water, but it is better than not to wash your hands at all.
  4. In order not run into the corners, while walking to the refrigerator at night or hurrying to the toilet, you should delimit dangerous areas using the LED strip. Another option is the lamps with motion sensors: they turn on and turn off by themselves.
  5. Vintage or just a pretty oblong door handle can replace the toilet paper holder and give the right for its owners to be witty people.
  6. It is high time to stop drowning the book written by Dickens! Special stands are sold especially for those who like to read in a bath tub. If you prefer to read e-books in the bathroom, do not be lazy to put a device in a bag with a zip-lock. Dampness is contraindicated to electronics, especially under the water. It refers also to those who would like to intensify the sound of the phone, by putting it into the sink. Better save money and buy a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. It will be cheaper than to repair the phone.
  7. This is an old problem: the tile was bored, a shelf was hang, it encrusted in a year and there are no shelves of this kind in the store any more. It is not necessary to change the tiles if you want to remove the bad-looking holes: they can be hidden behind the decorative vinyl stickers.
  8. You can use the tape (you can buy it in the art shops) for handing the seamstress tools, and to collect the scissors, nail files, tweezers and clips in the bathroom.
  9. It is not a new idea that a bucket and some dusters can be stored under the bath. But if you replace the sliding flap for the flap with a "pocket", you will not have any questions concerning storing the household chemicals.
  10. A glass for toothbrushes is a real hotbed of bacteria. Besides, there is not always a place for it on the wall or on the table. Make a small shelf for brushes. Of course, the tumbler-brushes have been already invented, but it is possible to make these things more stable with the help of holes.
  11. Are there extra 10-15 cm between the wall and the sink? We can use the kitchen section for bottles and organize the space in the bathroom: the narrow cabinet with a pull-out façade can hide all cosmetics and allow easy access to it.
  12. One facade does not mean one box. On the contrary, it is better to order a section of 2-3 tier drawers. In this case you can put more things there and it will be more convenient to get them out.
  13. If the box is the only one, it is better to divide the space in it for a few cells (for example, by putting plastic containers). In this case everything will always be in its place. Of course, it is not as funny as untwisting a tangle of a hair dryer, underwear and a phone charge, that got there by magic, but it is convenient.
  14. It is better to buy the chairs for the bathroom in the departments for street and garden furniture. The painted metal furniture with plastic pads on the legs (against the puddles) looks appropriate and elegant in the bathroom. And if you love wood, cover it with yacht varnish.