The main topic of our article is the decoration of the kitchen.

Previous articles have already touched upon the issue of decorating a small kitchen.

Let us study this interesting topic in details.

You will know more of such kinds of decorative elements for the kitchen as shelves, stickers, spotlights, decorative tile; you will learn how to beautifully decorate your kitchen without much effort and expenses.
10101Kitchen decoration

Kitchen decoration

Kitchen decoration

Decorative kitchen stickers: work of art on your wall

Comparatively new vinyl stickers have proven to be one of the most convenient, inexpensive and original methods of decorating any room.

By using vinyl stickers you many create any image or ornament harmoniously matching a kitchen suite and overall atmosphere.

Decorative stickers for the kitchen

Stickers would also prove to be highly useful if you need to hide some defect like hole in the wallpapers or scratched furniture.

Decorative stickers for the kitchen need no glue and that is one more of their advantages.

Decorative stickers for the kitchen

Stickers that are resisting temperature drops and are waterproof will give you the chance to implement your boldest ideas into life.

Special shops offer customised stickers according to your wish.

Decorative stickers for the kitchen

Decorative stickers for the kitchen

Decorative stickers for the kitchen

Decorative shelves and ledges for the kitchen: true wall decoration

Nowadays decorative shelves for the kitchen are more of the decorative than functional nature helping in creation of cosy room.

You can keep beautiful serving dishware, statuettes, little vases on them.

Decorative shelves often compose the whole complex of several shelves with drawers.

Decorative shelves for the kitchen

The most widely spread material is wood.

Metal or glass shelves, depending on the overall kitchen style, are the perfect alternative to the wooden shelves.

Of course, it is wise to store dishware in the kitchen cabinet in such occasions, as a pile of dishes would look ridiculous and bulky on the light metal construction.

Decorative shelves for the kitchen

Decorative shelves for the kitchen

By the way, glass decorative ledges for the kitchen are a wonderful solution because due to their transparency they possess a unique effect of visually broadening the space.

To decorate such shelves you’d better choose several items rather than clutter the surface.

You may let your fantasy free and choose any shapes for your shelves without forgetting overall kitchen style.

For example, wooden shelves may be decorated by the country style curtains, or choose metal shelves with some intricate ornament.

Decorative shelves for the kitchen

Shelves can be arranged unevenly or in a row, the main idea is that they wouldn’t look as one single massif.

Lighting the shelves is a very unusual thing to do and would be perfect for Hi-Tech kitchens.

Decorative shelves for the kitchen

Decorative shelves for the kitchen

Decorative tiling for the kitchen – let’s add some beauty to the backsplash!

Ceramic tile is the excellent material for kitchen wall finishing.

Here are some of its advantages: easy to clean, durable and quite affordable.

Decorative tiles for the kitchen

Tiles are resistant to the impact of detergents that is why in the kitchen interior it is better to use them in the places, which are exposed to dirt more than the others.

For example, you may use it for finishing of the backsplash, which, as you know, serves for protection of kitchen wall from dirt and grease.

Decorative tiles for the kitchen

Decorative tiles for the kitchen

Modern decorative tiles for the kitchen will harmoniously fit into the kitchen interior, add some chick to it and even make your kitchen cosy.

Decorative tiles for the kitchen

For the kitchen wall finish you might prefer the glazed ceramic tiles.

The tile may be either plain or decorated with ornament, it all depends on the overall colour range of the kitchen or on your fantasy.

An ingenious approach of the kitchen backsplash decoration is the use of mosaic tiles.

Decorative tiles for the kitchen

Decorative tiles for the kitchen

Decorative tiles for the kitchen

Decorative tiles for the kitchen

Contemporary supplies market offers a huge variety of choices for the room decoration.

It is only up to you, which one you would prefer.

You may choose either stickers or tiles depending on the kitchen interior and materials the kitchen suite is manufactured from.

Even decorative ledges and shelves can totally change your perception of the kitchen, especially if they are quipped with spotlighting.

While finishing the kitchen don’t forget about the décor since well-matched combinations will add brightness, chick and cosiness to it.