The interiors of houses and urban apartments of famous personalities, for example, singers, actors and musicians, are decorated with bling, and are always characterized by a unique charm, because the favorites of public invariably apply to the best designers with world-wide reputation.

We have written this article after spending a lot of time in search of the speaking photos of interiors of kitchens that belong to celebrities, after analyzing the decorating techniques used in their design.

Famous kitchens

  • Billy Joel's kitchen

Beach house in Hamptons, which belongs to the American singer, songwriter and pianist, one of the six best-selling US performers ever, is endowed with numerous advantages of the luxury house, in particular, with an enormous kitchen.

High ceilings with overlapping, decorated with beams and solar windows fill the lodgement with the streams of bright light, thus emphasizing the size of kitchen. Besides the natural daylight, the space is supplemented by the high-quality, abundant artificial lighting, located on the perimeter.

The kitchen is divided into several functional areas, and the special attention should be paid to a massive island in the middle of it. The construction includes a cooking surface, equipped by a powerful air vent on the one side, in front of which a dining group is located. The group of barstools testifies that the owner of the house often gathers a large group of friends near the solid wood tabletop.

An interesting feature of this kitchen is household appliances, built into the wall, which plays the role of a partition that separates this room from the adjoining living room

  • Naomi Watts's kitchen

The room is filled with life; it is dynamic, with its own character, yet incredibly beautiful and home-felt. Naomi Watts, an American actress, belongs to celebrities, who tend to show a delicate taste in everything that concerns the appearance, selection of roles and the look of their own housing. Therefore, the kitchen in her house also differs by the well-thought decisions, effervescent and stylish design.

Please note, how the designer decided to combine the accentual wood together with active checkerboard pattern of black and white tiles. The kitchen furniture of a neutral blue-gray shade with transparent hanging cabinets, bordered with the dark frames, is a counterbalancing element here.

  • Gerard Butler's kitchen

When looking at this kitchen, full of dark colors and textured, even brutal, materials, it is hard to believe that it belongs to Gerard Butler, friendly and responsive Hollywood actor. At the same time, if you remember the key roles in his career as of today, then there are no surprises concerning the choice of such a low-key, really "masculine" design.

Stone, wood, and rough plastering were used during the facing of the surfaces. The design of the room is also complemented by the support beams and wooden columns. All these elements are related to the country or rustic style, as well as the use of aged wood facades, decking on the floor and original black island in the middle of the room.

It is difficult to imagine a more charismatic kitchen, where the famous bachelor is cooking, but perhaps the space would have looked even too much harsh, but for the luxurious chandelier with crystal pendants and lots of candles

  • Jennifer Lopez's kitchen

Glamorous, yet incredibly sophisticated, inimitable and stylish – all these epithets characterize the outstanding personality of Jennifer Lopez, the famous singer, who has conquered not only the musical, but also the cinematic and fashion Olympus.

Special attention should be paid not just to one kitchen, but to the two different rooms in separate houses, one of which is located in Manhattan, New York.

The kitchen, which you can see on the first photo below, is quite elegant and luxurious, largely due to the use of creamy and blue-gray shades, accentuated by the dark chocolate touches. The room is also distinguished by its impressive size and convenient layout, including the work, dining and guest areas, together with the one for breakfast, made in the form of bar counter. It is remarkable how the designer used the ceiling structure to further highlight all the three basic areas of the kitchen.

Kitchen in the Manhattan apartment possesses rather a "sophisticated" nature that enables to hold both family dinners and small parties on a single area. This is facilitated by the Modern style, used in the design, and the free (access) area along the massive island with the bar counter. It is daring, stylish, spacious, and very much in the mood of Jennifer Lopez.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow's kitchen

She is one of the few well-known actresses, who are engaged into the preparing food for her family quite independently and enthusiastically. This fascination with cooking contributed to the transformation of unremarkable large kitchen into the high-tech room containing absolutely all the necessary appliances for a comfortable work of a hostess – cook.

Dark gray furniture here is compensated by crisp white floor and ceiling, with an emphasis in the form of the openwork chandeliers above the wooden tabletop of the kitchen island

After moving into a new house, Gwyneth was engaged in the arrangement of even larger room allocated for the kitchen, where the most advanced technique is combined with the unique items and interior design in general. In this way, a stove with two ovens is supplemented by a very big air vent, the steel shade of which is highlighted by the matted marble backsplash.

Primarily gray and white palette of shades is supported by flickering of warm and cold metal, in contrast to which the boardwalk "old" floor creates the impression of warmth and habitable.

  • Cameron Diaz's kitchen

Track record of Cameron Diaz roles is full of images of protagonists with an extraordinary character. The kitchen in the house of the actress is small, but incredibly stylish and aesthetic, endowed with the same unique and distinctive charm.

Due to the neat look of the design, there is an impression that the actress uses this room not so often. You may be particularly pleased with the unusual combination of malachite green on the facades of furniture and copper twinkle in the working area.

At first glance, the kitchen seems quite dark, but then it becomes obvious that the shimmering splashback, golden framing of classical facades and the large chandelier perfectly compensate the rich palette of colors.

  • Loren Conrad's kitchen

The room in the house of Lauren Conrad, a TV celebrity, fashion designer and writer, finishes our list of iconic "star" kitchens. Perhaps, the owner of this cheerful and very beautiful kitchen used her own talent and flair during the designing of its space, as most decorators do in their houses.

The result has become a pleasant surprise, and now the kitchen, whose interior is designed in shades of white, inspires by a simple and understandable elegance of every detail: from the tiled splashback with a chamfer and curly shape of a tap to the well-chosen accessories (porcelain ware, colored vessels of glass and so on).