Reliable, practical, easy to clean – these epithets belong to the splashback in the working area of kitchen, yet we are able to make it original, aesthetical and fashionable as well.

Creating the trendy kitchen splashback

  • Whiter than white

White color is an absolute success, the snow-white kitchen splashback with the joints of the same color looks irreproachable and very stylish. No matter what size and shape of the tiles you may choose, still, it will be better to make an emphasis on shades of white that fit to the metal, wood, stone, and may be combined with different colors of kitchen facades, decorative accessories and tableware.

  • Unity of goals

The splashback, made of the same material as the working tabletop, looks quite unusual, and, for this reason, doubly interesting. For example, the design of these surfaces by means of artificial stone, including marble with a distinctive pattern of contrasting "streaks", would be a novolescent solution.

  • Fragments of history

Artlessly and unexpectedly is the way of characterizing the appearance of the kitchen splashback created from the fragments of the old ceramic tableware: cups, bowls, plates, as well as the fragments of painted tiles, mosaics, smalt, stones and other elements that you can find by chance, or to ask neighbors and friends for it.

  • "Chocolate" laying

A favorite delicacy of many sweet teeth has inspired the tile designers to create a collection of tiles, whose appearance resembles the pieces of fragrant chocolate. The "chocolate" design becomes a fashionable trend today, as it perfectly fits the design of the kitchen in minimalistic and restrained styles.

  • Complicated moment

The times, when the walls in the work area of the kitchen should perform only a role of reliable protection from the regular impurities, have already gone west. The modern world of interior design promotes completely different trends that will surely make your kitchen unique. One of them is the installation of a kitchen splashback, made of curly elements forming a complex, sometimes, a kaleidoscopic pattern on the wall.

  • Shining protection

Metal splashback is unusual for the majority of people, but in terms of practicality, reliability and presentable appearance, it occupies one of leading positions in the list of the most unusual solutions for kitchen design.

Among the options of textures of metal splashbackes (stainless steel, copper) there is also the range of smooth and shiny, matted, flickering, textured, and patinated ones.

  • Sea on the doorstep

Such a method of kitchen splashback design can seem anything but trivial, because it creates a 3D effect on the wall in the most realistic way. Masonry with the use of sea pebbles looks originally and brings out thoughts of a relaxed holiday near the wave.

  • Feel like in the mirror

The kitchen can be stylish, functional, cozy and warm, original and simple, deprived of pathos. However, it is capable of standing out brightly as well, for instance, by means of the splashback design with the help of mirrored mosaic, because a little bit of glamorous chic will not spoil the familiar surroundings.

  • Beehive-style

The tiles in the form of honeycombs are called a near-perfect way of decorating for several seasons in a row. Use it to create a beautiful kitchen splashback, inspired by natural motives, while being mindful of that the color of ceramics should be natural as well: terracotta, creamy, white, sand, yellow, or light gray.