Functional cupboard

Housewives, who approach preparation of food for their families with particular trepidation, as well as experiment with the new delicious and healthy dishes, always need the help of various technical inventions. Sometimes their quantity can be quite significant, and, of course, a problem arises: how and where to store the appliances in the kitchen.

A new spacious cupboard, designed only for the household appliances and large cooking pots, pans and trays, will definitely be a good decision.

If there is no possibility to install the additional cupboard, you may reorganize the space of the old sideboard, or even order a simple construction, made of the shelves, placed in a box with doors.

The almighty kitchen island

The island can do a lot for the large kitchen, you should consider its design in such a way that it could become multifunctional, and could accommodate a sink or a hob, drawers for the tableware and shelves for all items of small household appliances that are of the everyday necessity.

Pay attention to the photo below: a kitchen island is equipped with the box above the working area, and the small household appliances are placed inside of it. Note that the box construction may be automated and, if necessary, descend into the housing of the island.

Equipped niches

If there is at least one niche in your house, especially in the kitchen, then we recommend you to pay close attention to its equipping. This detail of the room may be not only be of decorative purpose, but also perform a specific function, for example, become a compact storage place of household appliances.

Installation of the suspended shelves and hinged flap will create all the conditions for the small appliances to take certain places in the niche.

Technical stations

Typically, they are located between the upper and lower row of the kitchen cupboards, and are made as the additional integrated compartments for the appliances that you use every day: the electric kettle, coffee maker, toaster and the microwave oven.

The mechanical system of the roller shutters or hinged door wings will help to hide the appliances when you are not using them.

Mobile shelves

Depending on the number of the appliances in the kitchen, it is possible to allocate two or three cupboards in the bottom or in the top row of furniture, and mount the special shelves that may be put forward on the rails, inside each of them.

You may place a specific appliance on each of the shelves and will certainly enjoy the comfort and functionality of the kitchen furniture in the future.

Clear allocation

A large or a small pantry is a nice addition to the kitchen environment, because it allows you to concentrate the food, dishes, textiles, conservation, etc. in one place. Here, on suspended shelves, you should also place small household appliances, but so that the each item held the place designated only for it.

Preciseness is appropriate always and everywhere, in addition, it is much easier to maintain cleanliness and order in the well-planned pantry.

Shelf in the buffet

The buffet or sideboard can store not only the products, spices, sweets and liquors. But, if there are three or four small household appliances at your daily disposal, then you may allocate one separate shelf for their compact placement here.

All eggs in one basket

Finally, a useful recommendation: try to equip your kitchen in such a way that an independent area for the large and small household appliances could appear there. Ideally, it is best when the majority of devices are separated from the furniture for the processing and storage of food.

Even if the kitchen is made as a small room with the furniture installed in a single line, you can allocate a third of the cupboards for a dishwasher, built-in microwave oven, the station for the small appliances, and a niche for the refrigerator.