Helpful hints during design of the kitchen

  • The use of curtains in the kitchen should be treated cautiously.

If the room is large, and the windows are not located close to the cooking or working surface, it is possible to allow hanging the functional dense curtains with the curtain lace. But when the room size is small, the kitchen is of complicated shape and the window openings are located along the cutting surfaces, it is better to reduce the quantity of textiles and to limit by the Roman blinds or roller-type shutters. It is much more practical and will save the daylight required for a modest little kitchen.

  • Free access must be provided to all the working surfaces

If the kitchen is small, it is necessary to think about the greater functionality of the pieces of furniture. Sliding cupboards with practical tabletop surfaces are welcomed, you can use the sofas with compartments for storage, hidden under the seat, etc.


That's the success: square kitchen

If you become the owner of the square shape kitchen, and the kitchen is a separate room, be sure not to have to deal with its arrangement for too long and hard. It's easy enough to install the necessary furniture in the square kitchen, choosing the L-shaped location, along one or two parallel walls.


If the kitchen area allows, it would be good to place a dining table near the opposite wall, for example, by the window. Thus the room will be unobtrusively divided into two full-fledged functional areas: the dining area and the working one for cooking.


A table for the daily mealtimes with the family (if a separate room is not provided for it) can be set in the very center of the kitchen and a beautiful chandelier can be hung over it. Such a method will produce a special effect, if the kitchen is spacious enough so that you can freely move around the table and around the working surfaces.

The placement of a kitchen island in the middle of the room can relieve you of having to install the additional furniture, and such an object will be useful both as a cutting surface and a dining table.

You may visually divide a square room into two equal triangles, the one will be equipped with the kitchen furniture, working and cooking surfaces, and another with a dining table and a sofa set. For even more effective dividing the kitchen to working and guest areas, you can set the bar counter in the periphery.


Kitchen combined with a living room or a dining room

It is pretty good decision, especially when the kitchen lacks a few square meters. Combining with the neighboring room brings a lot of positive moments: that is an opportunity for hostess to participate in the conversation and to spend time with her family while cooking; not only the kitchen, but also the living room becomes visually larger and more interesting, because when combining these rooms, you should follow the same style for both, in order to obtain an organic image of interior.


It sometimes happens that the combination of adjacent premises allows you to add more daylight into the kitchen because of the lack of windows in it, and the presence of large openings in the living room.


We recommend you to take care of a good air extraction system; it is certainly useful during the daily work in the kitchen, combined with the living room. Otherwise, all the smells from cooking will be soaked by the textiles and upholstery with time, creating a heavy, musty atmosphere.

Though the combined kitchen and the living room form almost a single room, they still have different functional purpose. In order to emphasize this, you may use different methods of rooms’ delimitation. Thus, the bar counter with high chairs, the kitchen island of a rectangular shape, or just a cutting table can be set on the border of the open-plan kitchen; here you may install a part of a furniture set (kitchen cupboards) and to complement it with a transparent glass partition wall to the ceiling.


Narrow kitchen

The first thing you should consider during the arrangement of the narrow kitchen space is compact furniture, which, at the same time, must not lose even a bit of its functionality. If your kitchen dimensions are close to critical, and the two people will not be able to cross in the passage between the furniture along the walls, you should think about reducing the depth of the cabinets and drawers. It is important to consider the filling with the furniture with great care and refuse from the protruding facades or mezzanine compartments, hanging over the head.

Let the furniture be of neat and simple geometric shapes and always with a solid working tabletop, which will create a more balanced, holistic image of the narrow and a little wider room. If you worry that you will fail to distribute all the dishes and stuff you need in the kitchen, think of the rails: the hanging bars, on which you can hang shelves and holders for various household trifles, detergents, utensils and other things.

It is great, when there is more than one window opening in the narrow room, it will help with the process of cooking, and you can feel much more comfortable in the small room, surrounded by a high furniture, if the eyes can relax, contemplating the landscape outside the window. The sight, of course, can be cheated a little and the eye strain reduced with the use of the glass panels with a perspective view of the nature or panorama of the city as the kitchen plate. This method is generally quite good when you need to expand the boundaries of space, and it will be a great way out in the narrow kitchen.

If you are tormented by the question of where to place the dining table in the kitchen of a narrow rectangular form, place it at one of the "short" walls. That is logical, because kitchen furniture occupies a good deal of the room, and you will be able to increase the number of seats, if you replace some chairs by a mini-sofa or a sofa set.


Note how relaxed the kitchen interiors look at the top, and in fact, they are quite narrow, so that in case of the wrong design, that is too flashy and bright, they might look much more pitiable.

Remember: discreet light shades are good for the narrow kitchen, use them in large quantities for the furniture fronts and parallel walls. To make the distance of the narrow kitchen walls seeming somewhat wider, the cool shades should be applied in their decoration, such as: blue, lavender, mint.

The working tabletop, combined with a windowsill, will help to make the passage more spacious, and if, at the same time, a place for washing is located directly at the window, the dish-washing process will become less burdensome.


Spread before the eyes: a walk-through kitchen

Another interesting and very common not only in the private houses, but also, for example, in the apartments, example of the kitchen is its walk-through option. For example, if you have to pass it to get out of the corridor to the dining room or to the loggia. It happens that the kitchen is something like "a pocket" with three walls, without extra partitions that separates it from the intermediate premises.

The task here is to emphasize and highlight the boundaries of the kitchen space, and this requires a certain way to install the kitchen furniture, to organize the sources of artificial lighting, to use different materials and patterns of the flooring.


For example, you can put the tiles in a staggered manner or by using saturated colors in the kitchen area, and to use the laminate or tile of a contrast shade beyond the boundaries of the furniture. Also, you may focus the attention at the working surfaces, thereby drawing invisible boundaries of the kitchen, using the hanging lamps with shades on the long cords or the network of mounted spots.

Finally, a table with a cutting surface or a fully-featured island with drawers and cupboards should also be put in such a way that it closes the inner space of the walk-through kitchen, making it more comfortable.

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